Saturday, April 03, 2010

Oh The Anxiety!

Almost a week went by with no word from Jerry/Hugh.
My I-really-like-him-bliss took a nosedive.
I was wrought with frustration. I thought he liked me. I knew he liked me. Why. Won't. He. Call?

I felt a bit of agony and only Kikr could console me... her charmed, married self remembered the wrenching misery of ugh... just not knowing.
She assured me this guy is solid. She has very strong opinions on this. When I accepted a date with Italian Guy last week, she scolded me. "No! We don't like him. We like Jerry/Hugh!"
(Italian Guy canceled due to work circumstances and I was relieved.)

In fact, that very night, Jerry/Hugh found himself within a block of my house and asked if he could stop by.

He likes me.
We saw each other two nights in a row. And I think I'm changing his nickname for blog purposes.

We were snuggling on my sofa and I was playing with his hair. His dark, curly, long-ish hair. Suddenly I realized, and blurted out... "You have Dr. McDreamy hair!" He understood the reference even though he doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy. I joked about Dr. McSteamy... and he rolled his eyes a bit.

We spent more time talking, and since we're in this far enough to really start to get know one another, our topics of discussion vary from deep to light. Silly, sweet and somber.
I'm starting to be able to read him... for instance when he's about to tell me something... like cracking a joke at either his or my expense... or something that might just be inappropriate... he twitches his mouth.
So now I notice his mouth is twitching and just ask what it is he wants to say.

Twice in a row... he was preparing a zinger. On the second one, I caught his mouth twitch and asked, "What's going on in there McTwitchy?"

Oh... and despite my firm rule to never tell my mom about someone I'm dating until it is a bonafide relationship... I was talking to my mom on Easter and she asked if I was dating any interesting guys.
I only told her that McTwitchy exists. Let's pray she doesn't get all worked up.
But I did tell her that McTwitchy and I have the same personality type and seem very compatible.
She asked for clarification; so I told her how, we've only been seeing each other for a couple weeks, but when we went out on Friday and he was parallel parking on a residential street he looked over to the curb and said, "Is that a..."
and I said, "No, there's no driveway, just a sidewalk."
and he completed his parking job.
As I got out of the car I said, "Did I just answer a question you didn't even ask?"
"Uh, yeah."


Genevra said...

Hehe. Isn't it funny how once we like a guy we can get ourselves all worked up about not hearing from him? Yet if we didn't like him, we would be happy not to have heard from him.

I am so happy he called. Go McTwitchy! Love the new name by the way.

TRS said...

Thanks! I like it because he is also of Irish descent so it's fitting!

Anonymous said...

i like mctwitchy!!

you all are so cute.