Friday, November 09, 2007

Not quite Jeckell and Hyde

Ever meet one of those guys that you instantly dislike? And then end up dating him?

When I met JR, he immediately took to berating my career field. He was smart, and did a fine job of knocking my profession down a few pegs before I decided to stop our conversation and go talk to someone else.

It was probably a year later that I found myself at a dinner party where we were both guests. The entire party was a lively bunch... everyone telling stories, trying to earn a laugh. I noticed that JR was rather quiet. But when he did open his mouth, the few words that came out were carefully chosen and hilarious.

A few months later the same group was together on New Year's Eve. This time I found myself playing pool with him, and a mild flirtation developed.

After the clock struck midnight, breakfast preparations began in the kitchen and by the time we were eating our pancakes JR looked at me seriously and said... "What do you think about someone who talks to you over a meal and puncuates their conversation by pointing their fork at you?" I replied, "They're horrible and rude."
He turned back to his plate, moved some food around and then looked me in the eye and said, "That was my way of asking you out... in case you didn't catch that."

"Actually, I missed it entirely. I'm glad you clarified."

"Well, I'd like to take you out to dinner. But sometimes I don't talk much, so I'm worried about how that would go."

"It couldn't be too bad. Worst case scenario, I point at you and laugh."

He smiled. "Good. I'll have to call you."

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