Friday, November 30, 2007

A Mighty Good Man

With just a few minutes left before closing time, I started to turn down the lights in the portrait studio. Then I went into the camera rooms to tidy up and shut down the computers.

From inside the small room, I heard someone approach the counter. Dread. I just wanted to close up and get out of there and didn't really feel like dealing with a customer.
I screwed on my smiley face and went back out. Seeing the form of a man, I concluded that it was probably a dad coming to pick up the portraits his wife had ordered.

I glanced at the guy and thought, "He's kinda cute." Then he turned to face me... it was my boyfriend! He'd come to surprise me!

He'd been away for ten days over Thanksgiving, then we saw each other for one evening before he had to leave again on a work trip. He'd been so busy I didn't even expect to see him until tomorrow evening.

I just love that he surprised me! Sometimes I think I'm the only person I know who loves surprises... and no one ever surprises me!

Good job Mr. Burns. Isn't it nice to have a girl who is so easy to please?!

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