Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back to Storytime.

When the very smart but quiet and intense man asked me out, See the Jeckyl and Hyde post below. He took me out to the nicest restaurant around, a clear attempt to impress me. This meant a 40 minute drive to another tiny town to the restaurant owned by a national celebrity who made a movie in the area years before. (sorry I'm not being specific about where I lived.)

This place was the one restaurant in the area with a grand reputation - everyone talked about going there. A married woman that I worked with was envious because I ended up going there a handful of times with different dates and her husband had not taken her there ONCE!!

So, expectations are high. This place is grand. We get there relatively early and the place is nearly empty.

The maitre’ de seated us right at the front of the room where there was bound to be a flow of patrons breezing passed us all evening. I was disappointed. Not cool for a first date. I knew it wasn't a great table but I didn't say anything.
On one hand, sure we were young and perhaps they wanted to save the better tables for more impressive couples... but it couldn't be less romantic!

We sat down and starting looking at menus. JR's face turned hard and I could tell something was wrong. I gently asked and he said, "This is a lousy table."
He got up, went straight to the maitre de and spoke quietly.

We were quickly whisked away to an intimate table in a dark corner.
I knew I was dealing with a guy who knew quality and how to get it. Yeah. That impressed me.

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