Thursday, November 08, 2007

Memory Lane

I originally started this blog after many disappointing years of single life. Not to say that all the years were disappointing… heavens no. Just the single part. Okay, that should be “Years of disappointing single life.” Better.

In fact, it was because I dated so many fascinating guys (rarely more than a date or two… month or two at most) and I had so many funny stories from these experiences… I felt they should be saved for posterity.

Many of my friends think my dating stories should fill a book. Guess I'll let you be the judge!

Well, soon after I started the blog – life got a little extra complicated. Then I picked it back up again about a year ago.

A few months after that God gave me a big surprise and introduced me to someone very special. I just can’t believe how beautiful, and easy, and wonderful this relationship is. What a blessing!

It feels strange to tell too much about the great Mr. Burns. (his pseudonym – obviously) So I think I’ll try to share some of those old dating stories – when I can remember them.
Meeting a truly fabulous guy tends to wipe out the memories of the inconsequential ones.

Food fit for a dame

In all those years of dating… many men have been impressed with the fact that I eat. Really eat… even on a date. A real meat and potatoes girl. Hardly ever a salad for me. I was never embarrassed to order a big steak, consume the whole dish and never even have to take leftovers home!
Of course I was younger then and somehow able to stay thin and svelte. That may be part of why they were impressed.

A few dates in with Joe, we went to a little chain restaurant one night after we both got off work. I ordered the lemon chicken. It came on a bed of angel hair pasta. It was tasty, but I joked to him that it was one measly chicken breast. If the palm of your hand is supposed be a serving… this bird had some catching up to do.

After I wolfed my ‘meal’ down it was as if I hadn’t.
I must have stared at my empty plate woefully because Joe said, “If you’re still hungry, get something else.”
“Should I?” I hated to appear greedy. And even being a girl who eats… two entrees? Can I do that?

When the waiter slipped by, Joe asked for another menu. He had no problem with my appetite.
Of course the waiter assumed the menu was for Joe. When he came back and I ordered my second dish, he was stunned! I was mortified at the time, but my date was beaming… look at the girl eat!

Yeah... that plate was empty too.

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