Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keep Christmas Well

There is a line in 'A Christmas Carol' when Scrooge visits his revised Christmas Future (if I remember right) in which his niece tells the gathered guests with pride... "Mr. Scrooge keeps Christmas well."

The last time I saw the movie that line struck me. So much so that my eyes welled with tears. It was another sign to me that I have to make changes in the way I celebrate Christmas. (see posts below - Nov 2 and Jan 8) It helped to identify my need to keep the true spirit of Christmas. I want to keep Christmas well.

This year I want to experience the sacred wonder of Christmas - even if I don't have children.
After Mass this Sunday, I'm really looking forward to it!

Mr. Burns and I went to his church on Sunday. There was a group selling religious items in the back of church after Mass. On their table I spotted an advent wreath/ candle holder that fit the requirements I've been trying to meet for years! Simple, small, traditional.

Of course this was the ONE time I went to church without my purse so I asked Mr. Burns if he would buy it and I would pay him back once we got home. He agreed, and we also picked out some taper candles and prayer booklets to go with it.

I was so pleased! Another step toward starting Christmas preparations and my own traditions.

As we walked out of church he handed me the bag and said, "There you go. That's your Christmas present."
"No, no. You don't have to do that. I'm paying you back when we get home." I said.
"No. This is your Christmas present. You're not getting anything else." He smiled.

Suddenly I was filled with joy, as I realized that I just received something very special. If Mr. Burns and I do end up together... each Christmas we'll bring out the Advent wreath that he got for me when we were dating.

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