Monday, April 02, 2012

A Little Bit of Laughter in My Life

Okay, it's been four dates with Mr....  ah... Mr... hmm guess I'll call him Mr. Accent for now. Because his accent just makes me smile.  Heck, it's not even that, he makes me smile and I think everything he does is cute... but when I remember it all I hear it in his accent.

It really ought to be more than four dates by now, but we have opposite work schedules and by opposite... I work during the day Monday through Friday and he works at night including weekend nights.  That combined with when he has his kids, we can only see each other on Saturdays.  And we've had to skip two Saturdays due to scheduling conflicts.  Yeesh.

I really don't know if this could be a lasting relationship or not. Seriously, my dad would roll over in his grave knowing I'm dating a 'foreigner'!!
But the honest truth is, I haven't had this much fun dating anyone in a really long time.
When we hang out, it's all joking and teasing each other, sharing stories and laughing.

The highlight for me so far, last Friday we were texting to arrange our Saturday date.  Once we were settled, he shot me one more text saying, "I want to hear you laugh."

Can I tell you, those were the sweetest words, which got a big smile from me.  See, I have what some people call an obnoxious laugh. Those are the people who don't like me. I know a true friend right away, when someone says they like my laugh.  There is no in between - you either love it or hate it!  (In fact, even Mr. Burns had a shaky relationship with my laugh - you know, I laugh, he rolls his eyes. There's a clue.)   But Mr. Accent can't wait to make me laugh just so he can hear it.
10,000 points for Mr. Accent!

It probably helps that we share the same sense of humor. Which I find remarkable considering we grew up on separate continents!

In fact, we share another idiosyncrasy that has to do with memory.  I tend to word-associate. If I'm trying to think of A... I need to remember B in order to remember A.   He was trying to tell me what town something was in, and named a town to the north, telling me that wasn't it. At first I couldn't imagine what town he was thinking of... then he said, "It has to do with the town ______." which is a town to the east.  I immediately said the name of the town he meant, which is actually opposite... to the west!   And we both knew how we knew! Because when you want to get on the interstate to go either east or west,  the sign for the exit lists both of those towns. So if you mean C, say D.

Oh well, that was probably boring for you.  But the gist of the story is, I'm really enjoying getting to know Mr. Accent.  But with so little time together, it's been hard to get to know more about him.  Since he's generally awake when I'm asleep, and visa versa, we don't chat on the phone. And if we're awake at the same time, he has his kids who are small and need his attention.   Any advice there?

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Genevra said...

Opposite schedules can be rough, but it seems like you two are doing your best to make it work. So the only advice I have at this time is to keep enjoying it and having fun. A dating relationship that is fun and easy where both people seem to be on the same page is a gift. I'm happy for you!