Saturday, April 21, 2012

They're All Married

In my job, I am frequently sent to some big industry conferences. Not my industry, but the industry related to my company's services. Let's just say it's an industry dominated by men, so basically I'm in convention centers with hundreds if not thousands of high-powered, successful men. Having dinner with them (in bulk - conference style) and maybe drinks during the conference-wide cocktail hour.

Needless to say, surrounded by these men in their gorgeous European cut suits, and smarts just oozing out of their brains... I frequently glance at ring fingers to see if there's an opening for me.

Let me tell you something. Every last one of them is married.
Every one.

You know why?  Because they're smart and successful - and quite frankly, they didn't get there by themselves. These men were able to get as far as they have because they have someone at home, supporting them. Maybe even financially, at the beginning of his career, but certainly taking care of the house and the kids and his meals while he's out conquering the world.
Ha. You think he picked out that gorgeous suit on his own? Think again. His missus is responsible for that.

I'm serious... I didn't see a single man at either of the last two conferences without a wedding ring.
Maybe it's because they have that kind of drive in the first place, that they had the confidence to commit to a woman years back, knowing their lives and careers would be better for it.

Back in my dating world, for example, I'm often shocked when I encounter a guy who claims to be my age - but looks years older, weary and out of shape.  I think, good heavens, how did he age so badly?  Then the answer is clear... because he didn't have a wife. Men are happier and healthier with a wife, because left to their own devices, most men will eat less healthy foods, and visit their doctor far less.

So now, for women like me - it's either date someone divorced with their emotionally scarred brand of baggage - or date someone who's either never had the desire to share their life until they realize something's missing, or someone who's been playing dungeons and dragons for the past 15 years while drinking soda, beer and eating chips and never exercising!

So I guess what I'm saying... by paraphrasing that old song that Cher sang...
If you want to happy for the rest of your life
Geez man, get a wife! 
And of course, I'm still taking applications!


Capri Montgomery said...

:) I look at the ring finger first too. Somebody once told me that all the good ones are already taken. I don't know if that's true, but sometimes it sure does feel like it is.

TRS said...

Ain't that the truth!