Saturday, March 24, 2012

There Is No Pleasing Me

This year, I'm making an effort to spend more time with Jesus.
Every Thursday, I go to Eucharistic Adoration and just sit with the Lord.

It's an interesting experience, and being that I'm lousy at prayer, I sometimes sit and read a devotional (there are some lovely writings out there to reflect on) and sometimes I just sit and go through my stream of consciousness with my Jesus. I let Him know what is on my mind, who I'm thinking of, and prayers I want to share but honestly don't make time for throughout the rest of the week.

So at last week's visit, as I shared my stream of consciousness with my savior, I asked Him why there weren't more Godly men in the world, in MY world. Why, Dear Jesus, can't there be a man for me who just turns up at Mass or even Eucharistic Adoration, and is brave enough to talk to me as I walk out?

This expectation is similar to my consternation that the airlines can't arrange for an attractive, available single man to be my seat mate every time I get on a plane! Never happens. It's always some old dude, or someone with a wedding ring! Then I'm perplexed that the man next to me wearing a wedding ring doesn't start thinking of the loads of single men he knows to introduce to me! Why, he ought to be texting an eligible friend to meet him at baggage claim at our destination, to meet me, before our plane even takes off!

But I digress.

As I finish my time with the Lord, I get up, genuflect, and walk to the back of the chapel to leave.  As I do, the man that I saw in the back gets up to leave too.
He stops me in the entryway (outside of the chapel) and asks me in very broken English where I work. That's an odd opener, but I give him a vague answer. I have an even harder time understanding him ask if I've ever had a stone massage. Again, a very odd segue but massage is one of my favorite things, so I engage.
All the while he is struggling to make conversation, I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable. Turns out he's a massage therapist and he hands me his card. I use the opportunity to rave about my current massage therapist so that he gets the idea that I'm not going to call him.

We walk outside together and I hustle to my car, tossing a 'nice to meet you' over my shoulder.

Then I think, "God, You're not really putting an odd, hairy, little guy that I can't even understand in my path when I ask why You can't just place a good eligible, faithful man in the same church I'm asking the question... are You?"

If so, I guess there just is no pleasing me!


Anonymous said...

Your next prayer needs to be more specific!

Anonymous said...

Not to get too far off topic, but how does your church observe Holy Week? Is the Passion Sunday Gospel combined with the Palm Sunday Gospel? How about Maunday Thursday? Stripping of Pariments? Any Stabat Mater on Good Friday? Will you be playing a role? Just Curious!

Thank You

TRS said...


Holy Week in the Catholic Church focuses mainly on Holy Thursday through to Easter Sunday.
Palm Sunday features a version of the Passion Gospel, this one according to Mark.

Everywhere I've lived, the Catholics refer to Holy Thursday, not Maunday Thursday... we refer to the readings about the last supper and some churches will arrange a foot washing ceremony. A few years ago, it was done that we each washed someone's feet and had ours washed.

Holy Thursday is a solemn day leading to the MOST solemn day, Good Friday, in which we revere the suffering of the scourge and crucifixion. Good Friday is a day of fasting, from both food, and any luxuries one can do without. When I was a kid, mom declared no TV and no Radio while Jesus was hanging on the cross.
Some Catholic churches will have a seder meal, in the jewish tradition... a simple meal of unleavened bread, like what Jesus had at the last supper. I think Seder is on Holy Thursday. I haven't seen it done in any of my churches in years.

I've never heard of stripping of Pariments, and a Google search didn't show anything either.
Stabat Mater is new to me as well.

I have no particular role this year... last Easter I was lector for the second reading... This year I'll be a Eucharistic minister... but I do that most Sundays as well.

I hope I have answered your questions.... always happy to share more about my faith!