Sunday, April 03, 2011


Do you remember the little snarky chants your schoolmates came up with at school sporting events?
I recall our High School boy's basket ball team playing the well-known boy's only school in another city.  When their side chanted the familiar: "We've got spirit, Yes we do! We've got spirit, How 'bout you?"  The retort from the seniors on our side came: "We've got GIRLS, Yes we do! We've got GIRLS, How 'bout you?"

I'm told it wasn't the first time they heard that!

My favorite came during the Girl's State Basketball Tournament one year, when one of our girls put up a poorly executed shot and the fans on the other side bellowed: "Airball, airball." 
The quick retort from our side: "Scoreboard. Scoreboard!" seeing that we had a healthy lead with just a few minutes left... it didn't really matter that we put up an airball.  It's about perspective.

I'm not a sports fan - but this is what came to mind as I wanted to share tonight's dating report. 
I want to point to the scoreboard...
The guy who ticked me off on the phone the other night - 0.
The guy I met for coffee late this afternoon - 237 points!

He's not close to my type - if I have one... but he met most of my initial requirements and he's nice looking and he was so engaging on the phone that I had to meet him. 
I had the best time... with the benefit of a beautiful afternoon, basking in warm sun and a light breeze.  We had a great conversation... he's kind and thoughtful and sweet.  He held my hand, he thinks I'm funny.
All in all... just a great experience.

No idea what happens next but it's nice just to have a good, positive date!
Quite certain I'll see him again.  He's not at all who I would picture myself with - but I'm impressed nonetheless.

Just thought I'd share that happy!


Genevra said...

Hmm, I'm always a big fan of giving good, positive dates a chance to see where they might go, and what kind of person the guy is, especially when you don't think that initially they are your type. If you had one that is. :)

Awesome. This made me smile.

Melissa said...

Hi TRS - I am so much enjoying your posts lately! I should have commented a couple posts ago and told you. Congrats on this enjoyable time out with a guy. You know, I have thought a lot about that idea of what we consider to be 'our type'. I think it's so important to be open to surprises there, just like you were when you said yes to hanging out with him. I think that our idea of what kind of guy is for us is just that -- an idea -- and only God knows for sure who our person will be. I have a few friends who ended up in very successful marriages with someone they considered 'not their type'.

Good for you for putting yourself out there, in any way possible (like being friendly to everyone at church - like the lady who thought of her nephew for you!). Congrats again on the positive experience with this guy yesterday! I also had a date this past weekend -- my younger brother's close friend from high school who I've liked for 10 years but who has had a girlfriend for most of those. Just never know what will happen or how things will evolve - but God does!

Keep us posted!
Melissa Mease in Ohio

Andi said...

This has nothing to do with your post but a friend of mine sent me this link today and I really liked it and thought you might, too. It's spoken word poetry slam about being Christian and single.

TRS said...

Ooh... Andi... I love it!