Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Pablo,

End of discussion.

Homosexuality may be a sin. But the bottom line is, God still doesn't hate gay people. No way. No how.

If you can't get used to the idea - you'd better get used to the heat. It will be very warm where you're going.


allthingsjennifer said...

Great post I had to share on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

When did I say God hated homosexuals?
I distiguish between sin and sinner.
If you want to know what God thinks read the Bible.

TRS said...

Yes. But your anonymous comments seem to promote hate. Always proclaiming how sinful homosexuality is.

I see that the majority of my readers are Christian. I trust them to read the bible themselves. I trust them to draw their own conclusions.

I do not preach on my blog. I share my views on the world the way I see it. I share my own beliefs. Sometimes I hope to inspire. Mostly, I seek to promote understanding.

But I don't preach here, and I don't appreciate others stepping in to preach in my comments window.

If you would like to preach, link to your own blog and preach there. But you won't link to your own blog because you're not brave enough to expose your identity behind your pulpit.

That's why I label your comments as anonymous - because no one here can just click and see what you are really all about. And I think that's a little bit chicken.

Kelley said...

Love it! God really is all about love...and He loves us enough to say no at times..whether its no to our wants or actions. It's amazing how people talk about parents needing to say no to kids, but yet they get upset when God says no to them. Maybe we're all just little toddlers inside.

Anonymous said...

All my comments Have my name included. I´m not responsible for every anonymous comment here.
If you want to hear only applauses and favorale opinions , then I think you are right to be upset with me.
When you exalt homosexuality or you present it as "normal" you are preaching, and I gave my point of view.
I remind you that "TRS" is not different from anonymous, as I sad in a previous comment.
I promise I will not come here any more.

Genevra said...

Okay, your added comment makes a little more sense. I was totally confused about what was going on. Now I'm a little less confused. I will say while I'm not sure what post the two of you are referring to here, I've never gotten that you exalt homosexuality on this blog. Nor that you preach. Express an opinion, yes. Preach, no.

TRS said...

Okay, you got me there. TRS is my anonymous moniker. But I explain in my sidebar that I'm anonymous for professional reasons. But anyone can come here and see what I'm all about.

Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine, when I am intrigued in someway by what someone has to say... but I can't link back to them and learn what they are about. Just seems like not playing fair.

Regarding homosexuality, I only advocate for understanding... acceptance. Because only by the grace of God were you spared that burden.

Anonymous said...

I realized that this is not a "place" this is virtual. I said "I will not come here any more" but in fact I´ve never been "here", because "here" (blog) it doesnt exist, but "here"(home)is where I am whn I read your blog, so I cant say "I will not come here" because I am "here"(home).