Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something I Love - A Testimony

I'm a total convert!
This past year I made the switch from Cl!nque make-up to Bare Minerals.I'll admit that I was attracted to the brand in part because of all of the brushes! In fact, for years and years I secretly dreamed of owning a set of quality make-up brushes. But they are spendy and I am - for the most part - cheap.

Working in television, I've encountered a few make-up artists but it wasn't until I was about 36 years old that one of them informed me that sponge applicators for eye make-up are likely responsible for the majority of eye wrinkles.
Had I known... I would have splurged on good brushes years ago!!

In my younger years, I dealt with a lot of sensitivity to make-up and Cl!nque was the only one my skin could tolerate. I gladly spent extra money just so I wouldn't deal with ugly reactions.

Then Bare Minerals was introduced. I tried the face powder and was wholly impressed! I used it for a good six months while I hoped and prayed that the eye make-up wouldn't cause reactions. Finally, I went in for a consultation and ended up dropping a wad of money on the eye kit and some additional brushes. No bad reactions. Not one!

And I'm surprised to admit that my favorite product in their line is the Prime Time eyelid primer. No kidding - I was SO skeptical. I've spent half my life and half my budget re-applying eye make-up due to my oily t-zone.
Every make-up counter tells me about their eye primer - and I've tried them to no avail. Prime Time is really great. My eye make-up stays ON - flawlessly - ALL DAY! I love this stuff!
OH! and the Flawless Definition Mascara - Hallelujah - a mascara that actually works on puny lashes!!
And no, I'm not being compensated to endorse Bare Minerals - although I would if they asked me to!

I love that the starter kits come in sets with the brushes. Now I have a decent set of brushes. Lots of them!! At home, I store them where I apply my make-up.

But for weekend trips or overnights I was worried I might damage the brushes in my make-up bag.
I remembered an old brush roll kit that my sister had years ago and set out to find one - with no luck. So I finally broke down and sewed my own out of some scrap material.
How do you like that?
There is a slot for each brush - then it rolls up and ties closed - protecting my precious brushes when I travel.

If anyone is interested, I'm thinking about putting together a tutorial on how to make one. Although I feel it is pretty self explanatory - considering I totally winged it!
I did document it with pictures when I made mine.

If you are like me - I mean, like I used to be... and have never once in your life experienced your eye make-up staying on ALL DAY - I highly recommend Bare Minerals Prime Time eye primer. It's so good, it probably even works with other eye shadow brands - but I will never dare to find out!!


Pablo said...

That´s a good testimony, probably not necessarily a miracle, but it´s really good. Sometimes we forget we can use and develop our initiative, creativity and get good results, I don´t use make up but your brush roll kit it seems really practical, light and has style, and you definitely have a talent with this kind of designs.

Genevra said...

I can't tell you excited I was to read your post. I ADORE Bare Minerals. The first time my sister saw me wearing it she couldn't get over how flawless my skin looked and asked if I had something done at the dermatologist. I was shocked. I loved how it stayed put on my combination skin.

I wasn't so sure about the primer either, because the many other brands I had tried over the years that didn't work. The only one I found that worked was the Ultima II Fade Not Crease Not. That stuff is worth its weight in gold. I cried when they stopped carrying it where I bought it. I really did. Then I went online and bought as many overpriced ones as I could. So I was beyond thrilled when I tired a sample of the Bare Minerals. Awesome.

I'd love to see your tutorial. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it on my own. It's been a great many years since I last sewed successfully. But I do have my grandmother's sewing machine she left me, so this may encourage me.:)

girl from florida said...

You should sell those brush holders on Etsy... I would totally buy one! You could have sooooo much fun with the fabrics and colors!!

TRS said...

GFF - I've thought of that. What would you pay for one?

Anonymous said...

Yay to craftiness! Love GFF's suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Wow, was just admiring your makeup bag when I realized that you made it! Very impressive, so jazzy looking ;-) I would love to try Bare Minerals and you've convinced me that I should (when I get a job) :D

Steamed Dumpling said...

Funny...I switched from Clinique to Bare Minerals a few years ago! But I use MAC eye shadows, eye liner, and lip gloss. Every year for Christmas, my sister would get me something from MAC..I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise!

I love the make up bag! Really cute!

Stacey said...

I started using Bare Minerals a couple of years ago and I also love it! It truly stays on and looks fresh all day. :)
Haven't tried the eye primer... yet!

Cute bag!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with GFF. I'd bye one too. I think somewhere between $15-$20 for one. Any cheaper and it might not be worth your while. I also loved the material you used. Let me know if you start this venture and I'll bookmark your site. I actually buy a lot of stuff from Etsy.

PS. Thank you for coming to my blog. I value any comments and it was good to see you there.