Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Heart Wants to Go to Haiti

So yes, my heart wants to go to Haiti.I want to love on some orphans, and help them to feel if only for a minute or two - that despite the rubble around them, and that they haven't seen their parents in weeks and possibly never will again - that everything will be okay. I want to bathe them in God's love. The simple knowledge that another person cares goes a long way.

My heart wants to do this. But my spirit is weak.

My bloggy friend, Erin Ann knew of my desire to go there. We are both unemployed and share the feeling that perhaps there is a reason that God has made us available - without strings - in a time of need. She sent me an invitation to apply for a volunteer trip to Haiti with the Utah Hospital Task Force. After some deliberation, I submitted the application, praying that God would do with it what He wants.

While the UHTF decided who to take based on all our critical skills - I thought about the children and the devastation in Haiti - and - I thought about my own reality.

I own my condo, and without the benefit of Unemployment Insurance payments right now, I can't pay my mortgage and keep my home. My parents would each have a heart attack if I went to Haiti. (I'm not even kidding. They would self-induce heart attacks if that is at all possible) I need to be able to interview for the job I have been waiting for. And let's face it... three nights in a tent is my limit. 21 days in a dangerous, not-exactly-hospitable place isn't really smart for a girl who is allergic to everything, environment and food included.

Regardless, I prayed for God to use my application as He sees fit.

In the meantime, they sent us all an email detailing the conditions, dangers and risks of being in Haiti at this time. I'll be honest - it scared me. I thought, "My parents would NOT want me to go there." While I could tough it out for a week or so - I don't think I could handle it for 21 days.

I didn't make the cut for the plane of 150 people leaving for Haiti tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 28). But I am on the back-up list if they get enough donations to send a second plane.

My friend, Erin Ann didn't make the cut either. But she visited the UHTF offices to volunteer and they decided to take her along to Haiti as the UHTF Press Secretary! ( So excited for her... such a great experience and she can add it to resume!! )

UHTF is bringing all their own supplies, including food and water - so that they will take nothing away from the people of Haiti. This is one organization that you can be confident, the donations are actually going to benefit the cause in Haiti.

Please go visit my dear friend at Moments of Clarity and Chaos... she's scrambling to get her shots and belongings together for an early morning flight. You can follow her while she's in Haiti here, on twitter and on Facebook... and if you can make a donation, know it will be put to very good use by very good people.

Here is more on the effort from Erin Ann:
The Utah Hospital Task Force ( will deploy Thursday to Haiti to help the victims of the devastating earthquake just a few weeks ago. The team of 150 volunteers of doctors, nurses, translators and other professionals are going to Haiti to help rescue the displaced, homeless, and sick children. Many orphanages were destroyed in the earthquake on January 13, 2010. Another after shock this past week has created an even more desperate situation. Stories of toddlers wandering alone in the streets, children found sleeping alone in abandoned and dangerous buildings, and more heartbreaking, horrible tales continue to come out of Haiti daily. The Utah Hospital Task Force, along with Healing Hands for Haiti (an existing charitable organization) will be working to quickly provide medical care for the children, rebuild their orphanages, and when possible, bring them safely to the United States.

The Utah Hospital Task Force airplane will deliver the volunteers to Haiti on Thursday night, and will quickly be filled with orphans who will fly to Utah to meet their waiting adoptive families. Please help us bring more children back to safety and to loving homes with your donation today.

The Utah Hospital Task Force volunteers will be living within the Healing Hands for Haiti medical compound in tents during their stay. (The medical compound buildings were destroyed in the earthquake.) The volunteers will also be living with and helping serve the children from two nearby destroyed orphanages. Living conditions will be primitive and resources scarce, but the volunteers are happy to serve. But donations are desperately needed to help keep the operations safe and effective.

Please visit and click on the donate PayPal button. To ensure that your donation is used for this mission, please click “special instructions to seller” on PayPal and write “Utah Hospital Task Force” in the box.

To follow the experiences of the task force in Haiti please visit You can also follow them on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Thank you for your support and donations!

If you can't send money... send your heart. And prayers.
I will be following Erin Ann with my heart. I'm praying for her safety and the safety of everyone involved. And by following her experience - I'll know if I'm ready if they get that second plane cleared!!


Pablo said...

That could be an open door. In my opinion if you were not ready to go to Haiti before the earhtquake you will hardly be ready now, if you want to go there to help "in situ", you just have to go, try to be prepared, but "ready"...I wonder who is ready for that. There are risks, but if you heart wants to go, and if the second plane finally takes off it could be a great experience. I´ll pray if you go.

Heidi said...

I know how you feel. I feel so helpless, but I have to be here for my own family right now. It helps that almost every prayer I've heard in church and in our temples has asked for comfort and help for Haiti. My personal prayers and my family's prayers have, too. It helps to know that people like Erin are an answer to so many prayers, and that our Heavenly Father is watching over all. I keep praying, I keep contributing monetarily to relief efforts, and I am so glad for people who can help physically where I cannot.

I am so inspired by your faith during all of this. Thank you.