Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Bit Too Much

When I was in third grade, my mom caved in and bought me a blusher compact to play with - probably so I wouldn't abscond with her or my older sister's make up. Mom didn't tell me not to take the makeup to school, so I did. Then on a bathroom break, I showed a friend my indulgent treasure and we decided to put it on.

You'd better believe we were heavy handed about it. In our 10-year-old minds we looked sophisicated. We returned to class with huge streaks of bright pink emblazoned on our cheeks. Sister Magdelita was shocked at the two little harlots and we both ended up in the principal's office!

Growing up with my sister, I watched her apply makeup. Sometimes she would experiment on me.
I got a big talking to when I decided to try out mom's razor on my hairy little legs.

There were appropriate times for these milestones and I was expected to wait.
It was made very clear that I was expected to wait until high school for makeup privledges.
Getting my ears pierced when I reached 6th grade was a big deal.
Mom forced some perms on me. Highlights weren't even an option until I paid my way through college.

And honestly, I never even had a manicure until my 20s. Pedicure at 31. (not counting my fruitless efforts at home)

So what is going on with kiddos and teenagers today? Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer led me to this story: How our obsession with beauty is changing our kids.

Are parents just that more indulgent these days? And what are teaching kids about accepting their appearance? To me it's just as disturbing that all these things I have considered luxuries in my life are de rigour for 8 year olds these days!


Anonymous said...

So true! Our obsession with the physical and material is now part of what we teach kids as part of 'normal' life and growing up.

auntie said...

oh my goodness - don't even get me started on this subject!! i totally agree with you and could go off about it for hours on end. basically, we're not letting our kids be kids, for crying out loud - they'll have plenty of time later to worry about plucking their eyebrows and highlighting their hair. i'm thinking a child with gray hair that needs some coverage is a pretty rare thing! now MY hair on the other hand... ;)