Sunday, April 26, 2009

Falling for a Guy

Or - the modern day version of dropping one's hanky.

I finally got my non-existent butt over the park to roller-blade. Roller-blading is my cardio workout of choice. Low impact, fun & easy, with great waist-whittling properties and also very effective on the glutes and legs. So effective that I'm still feeling my glutes today - so that is awesome.

I really enjoy it.

The first year I bought my roller-blades, I actually met a guy at the park. Obviously that didn't work out - but we did date for a little while so it is in the back of my mind that I can meet men at the park.

My favorite park to blade in has a smooth paved loop, with lanes marked for walkers/runners and another for bicycles. They face opposite directions like traffic lanes (northbound, southbound). Actually, the way I see it, one lane has a little diagram of a walking stick figure and the other lane has a stick figure on wheels - which one could perceive to be a bicycle - but I take it as - people on feet and people on wheels. Since I'm blading I figure I'm on wheels and I use the bike lane. Most bladers do.

On my second lap around the 2.2 mile loop, I saw a guy that looked cute enough to want to meet. He was in the walking lane, facing me, so we passed each other quickly and any opportunity to interact was over before it began.

As I continued, counter-clockwise to his clockwise... I wondered how I could actually get a guy's attention in that scenario.

When I met that guy a few years ago, he was resting on a bench - and when he saw me go around the second time he quipped, "You should stop and look at this view!"
That was enough to get my attention. The sun was slowly dipping into the mountains and reflecting on the lake. I sat for a bit, we talked and eventually skated back to our cars and exchanged numbers.

But I didn't remember that pick-up line the other day. Instead I thought I'd do one more loop, expecting to encounter this guy again and then... what?

Um... I could fall down. Right in front of him. He'd have to stop and see if I was alright. It'd be a funny story to tell our kids - because I wouldn't tell him until after the wedding that I fell on purpose.

I chuckled over the idea while I skated. Then I thought, how do I just fall without actually getting hurt? Do I slow down and just sort of lean to one side? Won't that be obvious?
Maybe I could just drop my water bottle.
Then he could trip over it. This probably isn't going to work.

In the end, I ran into my friend Mibr on the path, and lost the opportunity to fall for the guy.

Actually, I've never made such a manipulative effort to meet a guy before. Maybe I'm getting desperate in my old age.
But you know, you live and learn.

A few years ago, I crashed my bike in a spectacular fashion. My friend Mime and I were riding down the street on our way to a trail - I hit a hole and body-slammed on the pavement with an emphasis on my chin.

A guy who was at the stop light when it happened saw the whole thing and slowed down as he passed to ask if we needed help. I was embarrassed and prideful, so I said no. As he drove away Mime glared at me saying, "You dummy, you could have met a guy!"

Silly me. I'd probably be married to him by now!


Steamed Dumpling said...

You know I would probably have had the same conversation with myself. I don't think you're desperate. Sometimes you just gotta make it happen.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I think that is hilarious! I would have had the same do I do this?? Too bad you didn't see him again to find out!

Laura said...

I think you should grab the bull by the horns, and the next time you see a guy? Swallow your fear, walk (or roll) up to him and say, "I think you're cute. I'm T."

The worst thing he could say is, "well, I'm flattered, but I'm also married"... but at least you'll have accomplished two things...

1. You'll know.
2. You will have made his day, because no matter WHO the guy is (or the girl, for that matter), having someone pay you a compliment is always a nice thing.

Ok, three things.

3. You'll feel better, first for making his day, and second, for getting over that fear.

Good Luck!!!

TRS said...

Thanks Laura.
Though I feel compelled to clarify that I don't really have a fear of approaching guys - it was more a matter of how to approach.

You're right - direct is good, easy and effective.