Monday, September 23, 2013

The Way to a Man's Heart

Or - you are what you eat?

My sweet friends invited me for dinner tonight. A lovely time with friends, an adorable baby and silly  toddler, and my friend's wonderful cooking!

And there is always insightful wisdom from my friend's husband, as he tries to solve the problems of the single women in their world.

He told us about a theory held by himself and his brothers. That the kind of food you like to get when you go out to eat is indicative of the personality of the spouse you're looking for.  Yeah, stick with us here!

So one woman said she likes to try foods she hasn't tried before, what she hasn't tried cooking for herself. Okay, it also stands that she is looking for qualities in men that are the qualities she doesn't possess herself.  Ahhh.

Then our host explained that he asked his uncle, known to be a bit of a womanizer, what he wants when he goes out to eat... the answer... "Greasy, cheap and easy!". Yeah so that holds up.

I also like to order foods I don't make for myself. But the overwhelming factor is always around my food restrictions and allergies. When I go out to eat, it's typically a process of elimination. I scan the menu for the few options that meet my food restrictions with as few substitutions or changes as possible. On a menu with dozens to 50 dish options, I can usually choose between three. (And that's fine with me. I choose really fast.) I'm just looking for something I CAN eat!

Then we all laughed when we realized the theory holds up! At my age, and with my religious preference... I'm down to finding a man who is likely divorced, and if so has an annulment, and a few other qualities that are obviously hard to find, like still being open to having or adopting a child together.

Heck, my food restrictions are easier to accommodate than finding someone right for me!

But, the theory holds up!
What do you like eat when you dine out?


Catholic Mutt said...

Haha! Interesting theory. And I'm kind of in the same boat as you... Both with the eating restrictions and the restrictions in a guy. ;)

Erin McBride said...

I love this theory! I may have to use it sometime.
As for me, I always get something I can't make myself. And I always want to try something unique, unusual, or exciting.
And yeah, that pretty much sums up the kind of men I like too - very unique, different "out-standing" types.

Genevra said...

So I'm been thinking about this for a couple days since I first read it. I wasn't sure what it was for me. Now I know. I'll try a lot of different things when I go out to eat at a new restaurant. But if I keep going back to the same restaurant, then typically I order the same thing. A comfort type meal, which is different at each restaurant. I'm that way in dating. I'll give most guys a shot if they ask me out. Even if they are very different than me and I'm not sure what we would have in common. I'll give them a shot to see if we have things in common that aren't that obvious. Unless they send out a very creepy vibe, then I listen to that. But the guys I end up in relationships with usually have similar or compatible qualities to what I have myself. The comfort factor.

TRS said...

I like something exciting or adventurous too. But aside from game or buffalo, the really exciting stuff will have to wait until eternity!
Interesting Genevra, you make me realize that McTwitchy orders comfort food like meatloaf! Which I find incredibly boring, but actually reveals a lot about him. Mr. Burns ordered meatloaf too! Does that make me comfort food?