Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quick Takes - Emergency Edition

I had this week's QuickTakes all planned out... but I'm begging for your prayers for Denver, surrounding suburbs, and the front range instead.
We just got a year's worth of rain in less than 24 hours.
After a summer of wildfires destroying homes all over the state, this is just too much.
One of the news stations stated it perfectly, describing "the rains that came too late and stayed too long."
I'm safe and well. I really do have the best luck avoiding harsh weather wherever I live.
But blocks away, neighborhoods have been evacuated. School for Friday is cancelled.
Heaviest on my heart and most in need of prayers is my dear friend's dad who lives alone in an old house in a canyon.
She heard from him Thursday morning, the basement was already flooded, there's a creek just yards from the house. The road into the canyon is washed out, so even area law enforcement can't reach him or any neighbors. (obviously, no cell phone service to begin with and the land line is out.) 
When the family last heard from him, he was getting gear together to move to higher ground. But there is danger of rock slides, not to mention the elements over night. He's not a young man. Heavy rains in canyon areas can be unpredictable, and the flooding, swift and wild.
Please pray for his safety. This family has had much sorrow already this past year.
I'll save a spot here for a joyful update on my friend's dad. It just has to be joyful. Please dear God.

GREAT NEWS!!!  He's alive and well, sitting in the house that is still standing (though the basement is flooded) with a group of neighbors who are all camping out there. One of the group was able to hike up a ridge of the canyon to get a phone signal and call out!!
They are still waiting to be rescued. Let's pray that goes well!

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Genevra said...

Oh TRS, I'm praying for your friend's father and his whole family. Please update us as soon as you know.

Catholic Mutt said...

Definitely praying for your friend's dad! The rain seriously has to stop, which is odd to say after so much dryness for so long.

TRS said...

Thanks G!

@catholic mutt - yes, isn't it strange that its been so dry, so many fires, scorched burn areas now suceptible to mudslides after just a day or so of rain?
How is Colorado Springs holding up?

RAnn said...

Prayers for you and your neighbors.

Lizzie said...

Praying for your friend's dad. God bless.

MrsK86 said...

You're in my thoughts!

Jenny said...

Oh thank you for the update. Thanks be to God his home is still standing and he is surrounded by friends.