Monday, February 11, 2013

The Sweetest Thing

The best thing just happened.

(Back story first)
I'm seeing a man with kids. I've only met the kids a couple times, and it's still a bit awkward for them to see their dad dating. But I guess they see that he's happy and it must be making an impression.

(now back to the story)
The oldest boy is in high school, and he just got the idea to give a girl a valentine. Did he ask his dad for advice? No. He asked his dad to ask me what he should do.

Ehr muh gawd! This is so exciting! So unbelievably cute. 

He's never asked a girl on a date before, and he wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day. I suggested a single flower with a simple card - no need for elaborate declarations of love... just "Happy Valentine's Day" inscribed, unless he's inspired to put more words to paper. (He's not.) 
For the date? An activity that keeps the teenagers occupied, like a movie or arcade. (Dear Lord, don't make them suffer through a dinner date at that age!) 

I think it's the fact that, not having kids of my own I expect to forever miss out on these kinds of milestones. The sheer fact that he wanted my opinion... not his dad's (or even his mom's)  Oh... it's the sweetest thing.

It's so important to be important to a child. I'm not there yet, and he won't be a child for long... but that was a GREAT feeling!


Liz said...

This made me smile a lot!! Hope things continue to go well...

Erin McBride said...

I've been meaning all week to tell you how awesome this is!
I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy this experience!