Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Rules

I made a new rule a while back... I don't answer the phone when I'm on my way out of the house.
Never fails, I mean to bring something to a party... or something I'm supposed to return to store on that side of town... and if I'm talking on the phone, I ALWAYS forget something I'm supposed to bring with me.  So finally it's a rule... no answering the phone.

Which leads me to...

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when you're on your way to meet someone, or on your way to an event... and the person you're meeting keeps calling your cell phone while you're driving there?
Maybe it's just me, but it's so annoying.  Perhaps it's because, hey.. I'm going to see you in two freaking minutes! Keep your pants on!

Maybe it's because I can remember when we couldn't reach people instantly, and if you said you were going to be there, you were going to be there.  I guess it makes me feel like they're doubting my commitment to the commitment.

Sort of makes me think of why I'm a cat person, not a dog person.  The person who needs to know you're on your way is needy, like a dog. I prefer those who chill out and wait, like a cat.

Just a thought I've been sitting on today.


Milissa said...

maybe they are calling you to tell you something came up and they can't make it? Or they were involved in an accident? Or they are running late? Or there is a change or plans?

I do agree with your sentiment...I HATE how technology has made us available 24/7...and my pet peeve is when people are hanging out together physically (meaning everyone is physically sitting at the same table or in the same room) but not really hanging out together because everyone is on their own smartphone more engaged with that than the people in their presence.

With that being said, if I'm on my way to meet someone and they call my cell phone, my first thought isn't "that's annoying, I'm about to SEE you" it's "I wonder if something changed?" And if something did change, I'd much rather know about before I walk out the door or on my way than after I get there and the other person is a no-show. Just my 2 cents.

Andi said...

Even though I'm a dog person, I TOTALLY agree with you on this!!!! :-) I find it SUPER annoying. Quit calling/texting me and I'd be there already!!!

knows best said...

you really should take ur own advice and not be the needy person. you seem so needy and its really sad. go back to school,serve the needy or enjoy being single for once and see where life takes you. life is only as good as YOU make it!

TRS said...

Yes, that occurs to me too... but I'm talking specifically about people who are constantly guilty of calling and saying, "Are you coming? When are you leaving? What are you going to wear?"

Seriously? If you wanted to plan... maybe you should have done so ahead of time, not at the last minute!
This is the same person who sends emails to see who is up for a movie in an hour! When she knows full well I only check email once or twice a week!

Of course there are some people who really are changing plans, or alerting me to an emergency. But I have an idea of who is in which situation.
It's like the story of the boy who cries "Wolf". When that certain person is calling, I'm going to assume it's not important.

Besides, I can't hear my phone ring while I'm driving anyway!

To: knows best... you don't really know anything about me. This blog is about being single and dating. there are many elements of my life that are not told here. Don't be presumptuous.

Milissa said...

@TRS - Wow. That's crazy. I guess I haven't had any friends do that in years. The years of club-hopping..."I'm so excited to be going out but we need to coordinate...what are you wearing so we're both cute but not matchy". I'm feeling really old right now. Ha. I can totally see how that would be annoying...but it didn't occur to me that someone would always do that as it hasn't happened within my circle.

I really hate how some people will text me when they know I'm driving. (I'm in outside sales, so I LIVE in my car. I probably drive 1,000 miles a week on average.) I do not check texts or text in the car. So when that happens, it can sometimes be hours before I'm in a position to respond. Maybe that's my comparison...your friend calls when you're about to see them. Mine friend texts me when they know I can't read it or respond. Either way, annoying, right?!!

We could probably have a really good discussion on the annoyance of the technology that makes us available 24/7. When you consider lifestyle, I'm not so sure cell phones are such a great improvement in technology.