Monday, October 24, 2011

Snark Outlet

I can't say it on Faceb@@k so I'm going to say it here...
"It's nice to see you in clothes."

There's a FB friend of mine who was my colleague when I worked in a different town/city in the 90s.  I get it that she's in GREAT shape now - very fit - you could bounce a quarter off her!
In every picture she's in skimpy dresses, skimpy halter tops, tube tops, bikini swimsuits, etc.   I don't just mean that she's wearing halter tops... I wear halter tops too... but on her... I'm talking skimpy.  You know... the kind where you can see "Side Boob".  Know what I mean?

Sure, I'm envious.  My tummy was that flat for about a three months when I was 25. Her arms and abs are fantastic, b00bs defy gravity... and probably one reason her revealing clothes bug me so much is because I'm jealous.

But, the fact is... I actually feel a little creepy whenever I see her latest scantily clad picture posts.  I always have to resist the urge to comment, "Do you ever wear clothes?" because I am snarky like that! (so far - I've succeeded in my restraint. Yay me!)

If I feel that uncomfortable viewing her curves ... I pity the men who feel tempted when they look at her FB feed. How does her husband feel about that?

Today she posted a shot of herself looking fantastic in a long-sleeved, form fitting t-shirt.  Really looking great.   My first thought was, "You look so good in clothes!"
Let's face it, when you're that ripped you can still show off your shape and hard work in clothes that cover.

Vacation photos? Great, show off your tan... maybe even your bikini... I don't mind. But when all of your clothes make someone feel like they're looking at you intimately, it's time to rethink your wardrobe.

More so, it's nice to have flattering clothing but I've always subscribed to the theory to accent only one fabulous feature at a time.  Sinewy arms? Plunging back? A flash of leg? Not bad.  But not all at once.

Maybe if you have to show everything off - all the time... perhaps you're looking for more than compliments.

Ok.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


Anth said...

Ha! Do we have the same FB friend?? I think that every time I see a certain friend's feed. "How does your husband feel about you being half-dressed in every single photo?" Because my husband thinks it's weird.

Milissa said...

I'm always weirded out by this too. I know it's totally a double standard, but I'm also more forgiving if the person is 19 vs 30+....even if the 30+ has a rocking body. I guess I just figure most people go through a party phase (not nec drinking or anything...just a "going out" phase) around that age and "going out" clothes tend to look more risque than I'd wear...most people outgrow it. If I see 30+ wearing stuff like that, I just don't get the appeal...of the clothes or STILL living in the "going out" phase. Weird.

Anonymous said...

My friend K is 35, works out like a crazy person, and is notorious for wearing clothes 2 sizes too small. She enjoys flaunting her silicone chest and slab-o-meat thighs in person and on fb. As an adult it is no longer sexy, it is trashy. But hey, to each his own, right? She is a very insecure person so I understand why, and her husband's encouragement doesn't help.