Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Line Forms Here...

At my church's Lenten fish fry, I carried my tray through the serving line then scanned the rows of tables for some familiar faces.   I found them at fully packed tables, so I looked around some more.
Finally, I spotted an opening and some friendly new faces so I screwed up my courage and as I claimed a seat I announced, "Sheesh, there are never any singles tables at these things!"  That remark drew laughter and served as a mark for conversation.   That evening I met a couple, younger than me with an adorable brand new baby... and a trio of sweet older ladies who are now fixed on introducing me to at least one suitable nephew!

There is something to be said for making your needs known! It took a solid 45 minutes for Ms. Martha, across the table from me to think of her nephew.  I gave her my phone number and email address... but I doubt I'll hear from her until the next fish fry!

Later that week, at work one of the women at the office asked me what sort of man I'm looking for - her queries were about height and I declared indifference.  I have no height or hair requirements as long as the man is whole!!   We joked about the pain of dating... and a few days later she announced that she thought of someone to introduce me to.  She started naming qualities to determine if anything was a deal breaker.

Finally I said,  "I'll meet anybody, as long as you think we'll have something in common.  This isn't a commitment to marry me. Just to meet me."

The ladies seemed to appreciate that ... and then my sarcastic nature took the best of me... "Just line 'em up!"

In related news... I have another set up in the works.  I'm told he's a good, interesting guy.  His main fault seems to be bad hair.  Hopefully that's correctable.
And my dance card on my online dating site is starting to fill up.  There is at least one very appealing prospect... so I'll have updates to share if you care to hear about my dating adventures. 
Hoping to kiss my last frog.


Joyful said...

Good luck!

Genevra said...

I love it! I'll look forward to the updates.