Friday, September 10, 2010


Homemade pizza with spinach, peppers, artichoke, olives and white sauce.
Pork loin medallions with rice, pineapple and green peppers.
Then pork chops with a fresh squash and zucchini pasta.

These are the dinners I have made for McTwitchy on the rare occasions he is back home from his Big City Freelance Job. I don't even care if he's lying when he makes delighted eating noises and says, "This is fantastic hon." or even "Don't take this the wrong way, but you can cook for me any time!"

He likes my cooking. I like my cooking.

All my friends tease me because I never cook - but it's just because I don't care for the work. Or waiting to eat for that matter.
I hate the idea of waiting 45 minutes to an hour for food to cook when I'm hungry NOW! Therefore I typically eat way too much frozen food.

In making these meals I've found myself thinking... This isn't hard. Why don't I cook more often? McTwitchy understands me so well, because he thinks the same way. He told me he understands why... because cooking just dirties dishes. It's not as satisfying to go through the trouble for just yourself.

But cooking and sharing these meals with him has been great. Because he is there to eat at least one portion... I still have the advantage of leftovers - but not the disadvantage of having to eat the same thing four days in a row! (I hate that!)

My friend's husband says this is the 'Bait and Switch' segment of courtship! I laughed, but defended myself saying, "I've always said I would cook if I had someone to cook for. And if I didn't have to do dishes. Right now I have that!"

McTwitchy is both. Someone to cook for - and the one who does dishes, cheerfully! If that continues to be our deal... I cook, he washes... I don't see a problem getting tired of that.


Genevra said...

Yummy! Those meals sound so good. What a great way to spend time with McTwitchy. There is just something really nice about having a meal together at home. It's a lot easier to get to really know someone when you see them in a more relaxed environment I think. As much as I adore restaurants and going out to eat, they aren't quite the same relaxed environment that a home is. :)

I agree about cooking for just yourself though. I really enjoy cooking and I don't even mind that sometimes it is just for me. I do mind eating leftovers for days at a time though.

Katie said...

Cooking for one isn't worth it. It's cooking and then sitting down and sharing converstaion with someone else that makes all the difference.

Now just wait until he starts helping you cook too! It's awesome.