Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Penny Saved

Never seems to go very far!

I met two of my guy friends for drinks last week. It was Paul's birthday and we got together to watch one of the Nuggets-Lakers games.
These guys treat their cell phones like appendages! Constantly checking, texting, tinkering.

At one point I pulled my phone out of my bag to see if there were any messages. Paul caught sight of it and said, "Whoa. That phone is old-school!"
I'm a little behind the curve on technology. I do need to upgrade my phone soon and plan to get a B!ackberry with a data plan. For now this 4.5 year old phone will do.
I've never understood the need to have the lastest and greatest at all times.

Then, in a conversation with someone new the other day (okay - it was a date) it came up that I don't have an iPod.
What? How do you not have an iPod?

Short answer, it's never been a priority.
Dig a little deeper and priority is the key word.

I told my date, "You know, I'm the sort of person who is always saving up for something that I never get to buy."
I don't know if anyone else has ever heard of this 'sort' of person.

I've been saving up for my dream sofa for almost 3 years now.
I spent $500 on my night guard instead. I figure it's more important that I have teeth when I'm 60 than that I have a gorgeous new couch right this minute.
4 years ago I splurged on a Digital SLR camera. Actually, that's one time I had the money saved and then it took me 9 months to commit to spending it!!!

I'm accustomed to any of my slush funds being repurposed for something I seriously don't want. Like tires. Or replacing the manifold gasket for the second time in 12 months. (That's a $400 procedure surrounding a $30 part - BTW) Replacing the pipes under my bathtub. ($1000) Or that incredibly sexy night guard.

An iPod? You know, they still play music on the radio for free right? So not a priority.

That new cell phone is next on my list... after I pay for the damage my leaking radiator did to my downstairs neighbor's ceiling.
And maybe one day... teeth whitening!!! Oh what a glorious day that will be!


Bobbi said...

I like having the newest technology, although by the time I get around to buying it, it's not new anymore, but whatever.

I have an ipod and an iphone is next!

P.S. I HATE my Blackberry, so fair warning about them.

J said...

You know, the iPhone is both iPod AND cell phone! Rumor is, there will be a $50 to $100 price cut on the smallest model next week!

Anonymous said...

I was sent the blackberry curve 8320 with free wifi, from at&t as I was going to leave them after being with them for 6 years, They gave me the lastest Blackberry with free internet. I was hoping to get the iphone but, when I was there too many people were saying that they had to shut them down, and turn them back on, I have no problems with my blackberry and IM happy with it. It takes the most awesome pictures. I keep up and it can add music to it. It can be an ipod at the same time. It took me 6 years before I got it I had the razor that long. So, don't worry, their are other people out there that are the same, I just recently got a laptop. with my income tax while everyone else had one. I borrowed everyone's computer now I have my own. Now I need to live on my own. Where in South Florida it's tough. So, don't worry about keeping up, keep saving!