Monday, May 25, 2009


While I'm out there trolling the internets (and real life Denver) for dating prospects, I have a little admission to make.
I've been spending time with Mr. Burns.

Something has really changed. You'd think he was spending time with Catherine Zeta Jones, the Queen of England and Angelina Jolie all at once! That to say the man actually delights in me. (like I had wished for before)

Don't get too excited. There is nothing definite yet. So I'm not 100% invested right now. I'm still cautious.
Until he gives me something definative - I just can't be too invested. But, things are in the right position now. He's pursuing me - and I'm the one who needs convincing. That was out of order before.

I am still meeting new men. I have to. But you know, they mostly disappoint.

This weekend, Mr. Burns and I spent all day Sunday together. After I went to Mass by myself, we met for brunch, and we planned to go for nice hike somewhere in beautiful Colorado.
But, by the time we finished breakfast - the entire region was under rain clouds. So we went for day-long drive in the rain, hoping to find a break somewhere.

He showed me some of his favorite places. Poudre Canyon for one. The rugged Mishawaka Amphitheatre on the Poudre River. (who knew? That place is fantastic!) And we found a few rain-free minutes to hike on the beautiful Greyrock trail before we were supposed to meet some of his friends at a blues bar in Lyons - then down to Boulder for a late night meal.

By the end of the day I was so exhausted, I could barely hold my head up on the car ride back to Mr. Burns' place where I had left my car. This is unusual for me... I'm usually a late night girl, so for me to run out of steam before Mr. Burns was highly irregular! I ended up sleeping in his spare room, rather than try to drive home with toothpicks propping my eyelids open.

He had a golf tournament this morning, so he left me a key to let myself out.
As I was collecting my things I was struck with an idea.

Mr. Burns has been talking about starting a tomato plant on his patio for years now. He even has a large pot out there, but hasn't gotten around to planting one. I had teased him that even my dad started a tomato plant this spring and reports budding on. Mr. Burns has some catching up to do!

So as I gathered my shoes, camelback and such, I hatched a covert plan to start his patio garden. I ran out and bought a $3 tomato plant - planted it on his porch - and left this note:

"Thanks for a fun day. I always enjoy time spent with you.
I left a surprise. Here is a hint >>."
I left a tablespoon sized pile of potting soil on the note as a telltale sign of my little gift.

Hours later, I got a voicemail thanking me for the surprise, whatever it was - because he couldn't figure it out. And I thought the hint was so simple that he'd have it found out in no time!
I called him back a few hours later (because that's when I first heard the message) and dropped a few more hints until I heard: "Oh wow! I see it. That is awesome, you are so cool! Thanks so much!"

The man was thrilled over a stupid little tomato plant!
And maybe I shouldn't have done it - if I'm trying be pursued and all - but I love doing things for people, and I adore hatching surprises! It's selfish of me really.
But it was great to hear the delight in his voice.
It's a change.
I did similar things a year ago that were met with no enthusiasm.
We're getting one another again.
This is interesting.


Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he finally clued in. Approach with caution.

k said...

while i do understand how you want him to do the pursueing, given the situation - i don't think that means making him do all the work. i don't think there is a thing wrong with leaving him the plant. it shows that even if you are a bit standoffish with him, you really do care deep down. bet of luck with everything with him.

Bobbi said...

Sounds promising. I hope things work out for y'all this time!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear this! Keep us updated ;)

Ronnica said...

I don't think that the tomato plant was out of line with him pursuing you. It would be if you weren't already there and just broke into his house to do it!

I agree with Knot...proceed with caution (that's a yellow light, right?).