Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home of the Brave ~ Land of the Free

One of my favorite parts of the Olympic Games is the medal ceremonies.

No matter which country is represented - I love seeing the great pride on the faces of the athletes whose life dedication is finally realized.

No matter which national anthem is played, you can often see the emotion well up- in the close-up shot of the Gold Medalist as the music swells.

But there is no pride like that of watching an American on the podium - and recognizing the words of our anthem moving across their lips.
Sadly, during these Olympic Games I have yet to witness that.

I was convinced, at the start of Gymnast Shawn Johnson's ceremony (she's from the heartland of America, Des Moines, Iowa after all) that she would certainly be overcome with the lyrics. Her lips didn't move a twinge except for that weird lip biting thing she does.

So disappointing.

In ALL of Michael Phelps medal ceremonies - I didn't see him mouth the words even once!


Has national pride sunk so low? Or do these young whippersnappers just not even know the words?!?!?!

But to be honest... I was most disappointed in the live producers for NBC. Yes... Michael Phelps won his final and upteenth Gold medal... outdoing even Mark Spitz... but during the medal ceremony for the Relay... the camera stayed on a tight shot of Phelps' face during the ENTIRE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!
It was a medal ceremony for the RELAY. Relay. That's four... count them, 4 guys!!!
I'm happy for Phelps but come on... it was like his 13th Gold medal! It was probably the ONLY gold for the three other guys who HELPED WIN THE EVENT!
Way to downplay their accomplishment.

Geez. Now for the history of the world... there will be no footage for these other three guys to show their families and potential grandchildren of them on the Gold Medal podium.

Bone head move NBC! Maybe a 4 shot would have been sufficient if you didn't want to take the bleeping camera off of Phelps.

And Phelps seems to be a pretty down to earth guy. I'm sure he's embarrassed that NBC couldn't stop lauding him long enough to give his teammates proper due.


Anth said...

That's a good point! And why did they always zoom in so close to his face???

TRS said...

I suppose they were waiting for a tear to roll down his cheek.

Considering my career in television... I'd say that's the safe bet!

It's not like he's that cute. Yeah, he's good look'n but he gets less so the more you zoom in! He was cuter with longer hair in the '04 Olympics.

k said...

bonus to living in seattle: cbc. the candians do a much better job of broadcasting the olympics than nbc will ever do!