Friday, August 01, 2008

Dear Dove,

Dear Dove,

Is there a shortage of dark chocolate?

Stores in Denver, Colorado are shockingly short on Dove Dark Chocolate! It's been happening for weeks. While their supplies of Dove Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almonds - and every other concievable variety is plentiful... the shelf space dedicated to Dove Dark Chocolate either sits empty or is filled with something not as fabulous as Dove Dark.

I'm worried there's going to be a run on Dark Chocolate. Is this related to the impending recession? What shall we do?

My boyfriend and I each keep a couple bags of Dove Dark Chocolate in our freezers (it's so good cold!) We usually head to the store to buy two bags at a time. However, for the past few weeks we've been on a wild goose chase.

What is happening? Should we be concerned? Is there any way to help?

Sincerely, and with great concern,



Anonymous said...

Dear TRS,

Thanks for the letter. We've been enjoying the dark chocolate for years as well. However, a man called "Knot" says it's not worth the bag we ship it in. Go figure.

There is a shortage of Dark Chocolate for a few reasons mainly due to the new movement of oil consumption. See we really use corn. Ya, we do. And as we use more corn in gas there is not enough to make chocolate. See we pop corn until it burns and take that bitter corn, grind it up and put it in the chocolate. Again, go figure.

That and people in Denver are thrilled with milk chocolate. It's a new thing for them.

So blame the tree huggers and hippies.

Glad you enjoy the chocolate.

Peace out!


TRS said...

hardy har har!

debbie d. said...

Walgreens in Missouri has been having some wild mad sales of Dove dark chocolate...maybe we've been hoarding it here...then again, it's only right since you live so close to God's official U.S. headquarters...Rocky Mountain National Park...we have to find solace in hot humid sticky Missouri with something...

Krissie said...

Oh my goodness! I have also been experiencing this shortage, and wondering what's going on. I actually got on the dove website and did a store locator search for dark chocolate, I think I stopped increasing the search radius when it got to 175 miles, and no stores were found. CRAZY!

On another note though, I'm single and 30 - I saw your post on Amy Beth's blog, and let out an internal hallelujah when I read "If you haven’t dated past the age of 30 you really have no idea how hard it is!!!"

I am so in desperate need of other women in my life in the same boat as me, but they have been in short, ok, non existent supply. I was glad to find your blog.