Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Talk About a Strange Favor!!

Let me start by explaining that most of my friends know about my interest in photography. A few have asked me to shoot their engagement pictures or weddings and they tell me they are happy with the results.
So I'm not too surprised when someone asks for a photo favor, and typically I'm happy to do it.

Yesterday a good guy friend emails me asking for a favor. When I call to find out what, he explains that a friend of his is celebrating her 40th birthday soon and their mutual friend is organizing a group gift. It seems most of these friends are rather athletic and have these sports and activities in common. So they are making a photo calendar of each of the guys with their sporting equipment... nekkid!!! ... with strategically obscured body parts!!!

What a great idea! Yes, this guy is asking me to photograph him nekkid. He was appropriately uncomfortable with the question and explained that he spent some time deliberating over who to ask to do it! He was fairly sure I'd be willing, and appropriately discreet (so don't look for the results here later!)

He's a cyclist - so I'm wondering just how we'll obscure the goods. The other part of the equation is that, although I'm willing to take this on... I think it's only fair to run it by Mr. B (though I think from now on I'll call him Mr. Burns). I was quite certain that Mr. Burns would be fine with it - but in the event that he's not - he should be given the opportunity to ask me NOT to spend time with a nekkid guy.

So, I ran it by him. His response? "That doesn't bother me. Just don't turn this into a career in pornography. And if you do... I want a cut!"

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