Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Day 'O Fun -or- How to Get World Series Tickets

11:10 am
I’ve been on the internet for about an hour and 10 minutes… trying to get the server to work in my favor and grant me tickets to Game 5 of the World Series to be held here in Denver.

The sale opened at 10:00am and from 10 to 11:00 I kept getting kicked off the server.

The local news came on at 11:00. They were live with two computer geeks who have had just as much success as I. That - at least- is reassuring.
The news team asked for viewers to email or call and share their success stories. No success stories – everyone it seems - is in my boat.
Apparently, no one has managed to get tickets by the end of the newscast at Noon.

Forty minutes later, the station breaks in with a live news conference with the Rockies Communications Director. The server had 8 million hits in the first 40 minutes. The server is down. They managed to sell 17 tickets!!! This is brilliant!

Oh, they were confident that their server could handle the volume of traffic today. Really? REALLY?!! You thought your server could handle 8 million hits in less than an hour?!?!?!?! Is there anyone who uses a computer on your staff?

Personally, I don’t know squat about computers. I believe the internet is wonderful, mysterious and somewhat magical… but even I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t have counted on any server to handle the volume for World Series ticket sales!!

Now, please realize that the internet is the only option for tickets. Uh huh. Brilliant. No standing in line at the stadium for tickets. No. It’s more fair, they say, that everyone battle the same dragon (a slayed server in this case).

Luckily, I have the day off.


I’ve been cycling through the links to get on the server… and finally, I’m in the updating hold page. Could this mean the server is back up?

I’ve managed to stay on the server. I haven’t been kicked off since prior to 1:20. I’m on a countdown screen that I can only assume will take me to ticket sales once there’s an opening.
Or, I’m wasting my time and have lost my chance.

The local news station said they’d break in when the server is back up… and they haven’t. But I’m staying on the screen assuming that I’m holding my place in line.

Why is this so important? It’s not really. But I figure attending a World Series Game in your own city is pretty much a Once-In-A-Lifetime deal.
And I imagine most other people have had to get back to their jobs, so I may actually have a shot at winning Best Girlfriend Ever.

Update: The website didn't bother to inform any of us that the server crashed. So I apparantly wasted several hours trying to do the impossible.
The next day, Mr. Burns tried. No tickets. But the Rocks can barely get a hit anyway so...


TRS said...

That choir must really like that song! I got to test my reaction this Sunday.

As soon as they announced the song... we both started to giggle.

Tempered with equal parts laughter to sobbing emotions I managed to remain neutral!

Of course the next song was 'Be Not Afraid' which is Mr. Burns' trigger... it was played at his father's funeral. I passed him my hanky.

TRS said...

oops. that's supposed to be for the post below!