Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going Strong

Wow. It's been quite a while since I've been able to post. That whole change to a Gmail account caused a snafu for me. Apparently I'm the only one. Figures.

So. My last post was about meeting guy number three. He quickly broke ranks and is now my number one guy!! (Second to God of course)
It's been seven months and I'm just so happy to have him in my life.

My advice to anyone out there still waiting to find love... don't give up. Don't compromise your standards. In fact, raise those standards!! You'll be amazed by what God has in store for you! God is so good and He knows exactly what we need. Sometimes it takes a while for Him to get it all together.

About a month ago I noticed that Mr. B (I guess that's what I'll call him here) seemed to be getting a bit uncomfortable as he seemed to think that I had this relationship all wrapped up. I know that he needs time to evaluate everything. I was right. He told me that it freaks him out a little that I seem so sure. I had to explain that appearances can be decieving.

I told him that I spent YEARS praying for God to make me ready for the man who will be my husband... and in turn to make him ready for me. Clearly preparing a man for me is no easy task, as it took the Good Lord.... He who created the heavens and earth in seven days... 36.5 years to get a man ready for me!

Regardless, after all that prayer and many, many years and no husband as of yet, I decided to cut a deal with God. Hands clenched in prayer, I bargained with God; "If you don't have a husband for me, or if it's going to take still more time to prepare him for me... can I at least have a boyfriend?"

I was just so weary of being alone! I am blessed with many wonderful friends, male and female... and I keep quite busy keeping up and catching up with everyone. Still, I was just so tired of coming home to an empty condo. I wanted so badly to have someone to talk to at the end of the day. It came down to finding a boyfriend or getting a cat. I'm allergic to cats.

So I asked God for a boyfriend if my husband wasn't ready. Continuing my prayer I said, "Even if we date for years and never get married! I just can't be alone any more! I know that I'm still asking for a very special man. Someone who has strong faith. Someone who will understand that sex is for marriage, and in respect to that, won't pressure me like these men I have been dating. They're wearing me down God, and I know you don't want that."

I had to tell Mr. B this story of my prayer life. And I did so in tears - which surprised me more than it did him.

I told him not to get too comfortable or worried about my feeling sure about things. The fact is Mr. B, I don't know which prayer you are the answer to!!

You and God together will have to show me.


Anonymous said...

Interesting prayer.


TRS said...

Thanks. I think. I can't tell whether you are serious or not!