Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quick Takes - Chocolate Frustration Edition

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Oh Easter. I have become so weary of the secular take-over of Christian holy days.
As if attitudes surrounding Christmas aren't bad enough, now they're secularizing Easter! Easter which celebrates the resurrection of Christ, the entire meaning of our faith!!!
I walked into TargJay today and saw this…

It makes me so sad. Easter is not about chocolate!
Is there someone who is sincerely sending an Easter greeting to a loved one, who doesn't want to cross the line by mentioning Jesus?

Right after I snapped the picture above with my phone, a favorite, funny friend sent me this random picture via text.

What store is she in? Is there a sale on plungers? A neighborhood with septic problems that has everyone running out for plungers the way most cities have had a run on shovels this past week?!
Why wonder? I went right to the obvious question: "Are those chocolate, Easter plungers?"

My city just got it's first Tr@der J@e's. I have two words… Cookie Butter! Oh the yum!
It seems so very naughty, but the nutrition facts aren't all that different from the Almond Butter my trainer has suggested as a replacement for sweets… the major difference being the protein content.
Which is, yeah, a major difference!
Most days I feel like a bag lady. Between my purse, computer bag and a workout bag, I'm never arriving home with my hands empty.

On the days I work out, obviously I have take my gym clothes in to work. It's not good to expose your athletic shoes to extreme temperatures, so I can't leave the bag in my car.

One day this week, I was also planning to go to a class after work and needed to pack some food to get me through to 8pm before I can get home... so I looked like a beast of burden as I trudged out the door! Five bags.  It was. Ridiculous.

Then a co-worker came by my cubicle and made fun of the pile of bags.
I explained, "This is my purse, my computer bag, my gym bag, lunch, and another bag has books for a class tonight."  Feeling justified until he smugly pointed out that he carries one bag, each way, every day. 
"What if you started working out? Would you have to carry a gym bag?" I asked, pointing out the necessity of such burdens. 
"That's never going to happen, so no." he replied, with a little smile indicating he's quite happy being soft and doughy. 
Because our relationship is built on snark and sarcasm, I smiled back and said, "Meanwhile, I look like this...." using my hands in exaggerated Vanna White fashion to indicate my form.
He countered with, "Meanwhile, I look like this!" doing the same to indicate his beer belly. "And I have this." he said, indicating his wedding ring and the fact that I don't have one. 

"Which is precisely why I have to lug bags around so I can look like this!" I said, once again acknowledging my form in a slightly defeated, yet dignified way.

I had a little party last weekend, just a few ladies over… including some who have kids.
I was a little concerned, because my place is rather small, and not exactly accommodating for children. But I wasn't going to NOT invite certain people because they have children. And I would have been greatly disappointed if they had responded with the standard, "I have kids, I can't."

So we ended up with two moms and their two kids each, and a handful of single ladies. It was really great! Everyone enjoyed one another and the kids all played well together.

I have a small box of toys that I brought out to entertain the smallest kiddo - and someone said, "How do you have toys?" As if a single woman isn't allowed to have toys for entertainment purposes!
I just smiled and said, "I have toys. It's part of being a good hostess!"
That seemed to satisfy everybody.
Although, I must reconsider my supply of childproof glasses! I have a total of four plastic glasses… which happen to be shatterproof wine glasses which were freebies at an outdoor wine tasting! ( I abhor plastic! I'm going to call it good enough!) 

One of the moms at my party is a dear friend who makes a real effort to include me in her family and be a part of her kid's lives. Her little daughter is very precious to me, so I was beaming when, in response to her daughter sticking to me like glue, following my every move… she said, "My daughter loves two people. TRS and my youngest sister."
I added, "If we were both in the same room with her at the same time, her head might explode!"

It was pretty cute, as they haven't been to my home since having another baby, my favorite toddler was kind of amazed that Miss TRS has a home! "Is this your room? Is that your closet?"
What a dear!

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Catholic Mutt said...

Kids are so funny! I think it's hilarious that they can't imagine adults having any sort of a life. Kind of like when an elementary school kid runs into a teacher outside of the school. :)