Friday, February 07, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Featuring Lent, Let Downs and Bubbles

Does anyone else find it amusing that fast food restaurants are advertising their fish menus right now... because, February!
Yeah, Lent doesn't start until Ash Wednesday on March 5th... but the ad campaign geniuses don't seem to know that. Oh, maybe it is just fish season.
One of the fast food restaurants near my work only sells fish and chips during lent, and most of their employees don't even know it. It's not on the menu board. I only found out they had a fish option by scouring online last year during lent - then went to order it and seriously threw them all for a loop!
Shortly after Easter they eliminated it again, and they didn't seem to know why. I tried to explain about lent but they had never heard of it before!

So I'm wondering how it will go down this year, with lent starting so late - will they stop carrying fish in mid-March just after lent starts?
This is just how secular our country is becoming.

All those F@ceBuch Look Back videos were fun this week, huh? It really was neat seeing all the great highlights of some friends.  Not for me though. I watched my preview, but my most-liked posts were my dad's death, and an observance of what would be my sister's birthday... (she died nearly 30 years ago). That and the fact that the first pic to come up was not of me, and another one was of a friend who I'm no longer friends with. All the other pictures were of other people's kids. So that was awesome. Way to make single look good!

That was uber depressing so I didn't bother to post mine. Nice way to feel like a loser.
Everyone else had engagements and weddings and babies or anniversaries - you know, life milestones. Mine was about everyone but me.  Which, my bestie pointed out, is rather representative of my life, which is more about others. But still. Total downer.

Extra weird, I have a friend who got married and divorced in a matter of months, and somehow neither her ex nor the wedding pictures made it into her video via the most-liked posts formula. But the most depressing moments of my life did. How does that work?!

Knowing those videos were based on the last five years -- reminds me that a recent date (yeah I gave up dating, but I told God I would be open to any men He dropped in my lap.) asked me, "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Oh sheesh. As if first dates don't feel enough like job interviews!! I was a bit stunned by this odd question, but managed to say that I didn't think that was fair question at our age. Being over 40, nothing in my life is really going to change unless I get married.
I have to work to support myself, and it's not likely that any other business in my industry is going to hire someone my age when they can get kids fresh out school, and trained on the latest technology for less than what I'm paid now, which isn't all that much. So I'll be working where I am for as long as I can.
I have a mortgage that I can't refinance, so I'll be living here until I either win the lottery, die or get married. I can't really have or adopt a child on my income and work schedule... so yeah, my five year plan, not much change or excitement unless God drops that man in my lap.
Not really a fair question of a middle-aged woman with no prospects. Whomp whomp.

Somehow, a conversation in the office about government and politics turned to the young co-workers discussing precautions they're taking in the event that the U.S. government becomes unbearable and / or really starts attacking Christians and Catholics more severely than they already are.
They talked about how they are saving money and having funds in another country that would be accessible even in some sort of freeze.
My first thought, these kids must have access to trust funds or other generous contributions from their families.  My second thought... "Wow. I am scr@wed!"
I will be broke, with no options, and no one to care for me. So I guess I'll just prepare to be a Catholic Martyr!

Okay... happier thoughts. How about bubbly?!
I am a fan of bubbly water, so last year I finally bought a SodaStream so I could make my own carbonated water and stop hauling bottles of Arrowhead home from the grocery store. I love my SodaStream!
When the CO2 runs out, you can return it to a store, and get a refill canister for half price. Half price is $15. I'd been going to TarJay, but the last couple times, they were out of refills, making it a bit of a hassle.
This was the case last night, and they suggested I try B@d, B@th & B@yond.  Despite how terribly cold it was ( -9 degrees), I drove a bit out of my way, hoping I had a BB&B coupon in my driver's side door pocket (I find that's the best place to keep them since they don't expire).  Luckily, I had a $5 off coupon, which applies to a minimum $15 purchase... so yes... refills are $10 instead!  Whee! Why didn't I think of that before?!!

Yeah. That's right. It was minus nine degrees here!! In Denver!  It's rarely that cold here and I'm very happy I bought a down coat for Christmas!!  ( my mom never knows what to get me, and suggested I pick out something I like and she'll pay half. So this year I selected a beautiful down coat with a fur collar!! Squee! ) 
For the past week or more it's dipped below zero a few mornings and evenings. But being Denver, it hits 35 or 60 at about lunch time and I end up waddling around in my giant parka!!

The Olympics!!  I'm not a huge sports fan, but there is something about the Olympics.
When I was a kid, I was always intrigued by the profiles on the athletes. That reporters actually got to interview these Olympians and their families... to tell their stories of struggle and determination, dedication. That just seemed like the best job in the world to me. That was the first inkling I had to be a journalist.

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