Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Proposal

I want to share the funniest thing that has happened to me in years.

It happened at church this morning. Our priest has been out sick and we have been graced with some wonderful, visiting priests.
Since I am active in ministry as a Eucharistic Minister, and as a Lector, (to name two) I may stand out a bit to the visiting priests. Friday was a holy day, All Saints Day, and I went to evening Mass and helped with the Eucharist. The same priest was celebrating Sunday Mass today, and I was on the schedule as Lector. We also had a seminarian student visiting us, who is from one of the towns near where I grew up, so I looked forward to meeting him after Mass.

But before that, I had to prepare for visiting the nursing home to bring Communion, by retrieving consecrated hosts from the tabernacle.

When I finally headed out of church, most everyone had left. Only the old priest, two ladies who were passing out bulletins and the seminarian student were left in the vestibule.

As I approached Father, he extended his arms to embrace me. I figured he was going to thank me for, or tease me about being so visible at church. Instead he exclaimed, "You are blessed! You are so blessed!"
"Oh, how nice!" I thought. Hoping he was about to bestow a blessing upon me. Perhaps even reveal a spiritual gift he sees in me.
Still hugging me, he said, "Beautiful looks, a wonderful speaking voice.... you are very blessed!"

How sweet! I thanked him as we let go of the hug.
Then, still hoping for some revelation, I asked, "How about a husband?"
"Pardon me?"
"I've been waiting a long time. Could I be blessed with a husband?", I smiled.
He smiled and said, "How about me?" he joked, winked, then quickly turned to leave, leaving me standing, astounded!
I called after him, "How is it, only the consecrated men ever propose to me?"

He stopped in his tracks and laughed, along with the two older ladies and the seminarian who were nearly doubled over!
I continued, addressing the ladies, "That's my only problem. All the men who are interested in me are unavailable!"

I'm not even kidding.
There's an older deacon, recently widowed, who flirts at me every Sunday. Sure, he's available but I'm having trouble being attracted to men 20 - 30 years my senior!

I've always attracted older men. When I was younger, they were married men. Now they're ordained! Sheesh!


Catholic Mutt said...

Of all the luck! Actually, I'm not sure widowed deacons are allowed to be remarried, so you don't really have to worry about that one.

Also, why is it that so many people can tell us that we're an outstanding match, and yet no eligible males seem to realize that?

TRS said...

Catholic Mutt, that has always mystified me as well!
When I was young and 40+ married men just had to tell me how great I was, while men my age ignored me... I kind of thought it was the combination of my sense of humor....(someone married knows how important good humor and good nature is) and the fact that I was naturally thin... I think older men knew that super thin flat-chested women are less likely to plump up, while young single men just see a lack of fun bags!
I don't know.
Married men can't understand why I'm single, and priests seem to think I'm lovely.
I guess the rest of the men don't value the right things?

Yeah, the widowed deacon told me that, but it has no impact on his flirting! Maybe he's just overly friendly.

Colleen Duggan said...

This is a hilarious--albeit unfair--story. THank you for sharing it. :) Adding you to my prayer list to find The Perfect Man. He's out there. God bless you! Colleen Duggan