Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's Your Game Plan?

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly low and lonely, it's easy for me to blame my long not-married status on my chastity. (I don't like the term unmarried, I'd have to have been married to be un-married)

When I see those in the world around me sleeping around, or living together or jumping from one sexual relationship to another... it almost seems obvious that I'm likely still single because of my moral standards. I might as well be enjoying myself (and someone else!!) 

Today, something changed my mind irrefutably.

At a casual holiday party, some friends of mine and a woman new to the group were talking about dating, and how it should not be this difficult. How we shouldn't even have made it to this age single.
I said, with exasperation, that I have kissed way more men in my lifetime than I ever should have! As one woman agreed, I concluded, "Thank God I didn't sleep with them all!"

That led a friend to bring up the movie, "What's Your Number".  As the title suggests, the premise is based on the number of sexual partners a woman has, and the thesis purports... that if it's more than 20, she'll never get married because while she's able to attach physically she obviously can't attach emotionally and is therefore doomed to failure.

Our conversation was rather innocent until the newcomer chimed in that, being a 40+ woman, and in the dating pool since she was 18 - she didn't find it too shocking that she's had 30 sexual partners because that factors out to one per year.

First, I'm no math expert, but I think her numbers are off!
Second, I could not disguise my reaction - which was "Ewwww!"

She made note of my reaction, and I tried to make like I wasn't judging her... but ... ewww!
Then she said that most of them occurred in her 20s (as if that dismisses anything!)  I almost said, "Yeah, the three men I slept with happened in my 20s too.  But then I realized that they weren't the marrying kind and changed my game plan."  But I didn't think that would go over well.

Anyway, I've been thinking about it since then... when suddenly it occurred to me... Well obviously, my abstinence isn't holding me back!  I've been abstinent for 14 years and she's been boinking everything in sight... and we're both over 40 and never married.

Frankly, I prefer my path to never-married.


P.S. you know what else? Women like her are the reason so many men of our generation don't get married... they know there's always someone they can boink so there's no need for those types to marry. 

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

So sad, but true. Grandma always said, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" (Gotta love Grandma...)

But you know what's a side-benefit to not sleeping around? No embarrassment later. I'm still friends with my high-school boyfriend, though he lives in another state. I went to his wedding, and he came to mine :D

We can see each other, introduce our spouses, casually email occasionally... and there's no shame. I'm not embarrassed for my husband to meet him.

Hang in there :D