Friday, June 10, 2011


Well, I guess blogging hasn't been a priority for me lately.   I'm sorry I haven't been around.
I have tons of topics swimming in my head, but just can't get the motivation to sit at a computer and write it all down.

It's partly because I'm at a computer all day long at work now.  And partly because I'm trying to get out socialize and exercise more, so my priorities have to change.

Bottom line, I need to socialize and exercise if I'm ever going to find someone with whom to share my life.  As I've always said; he's not going to just fall through my living room ceiling, and if he does, I think I'd be a little bit creeped out!
The exercising part... well I'm getting older and I don't like what age is doing to my body.  I'm thinking of getting signed up with a personal trainer... since I'm just not getting the results I want on my own.

As well, my birthday is approaching and I have decided not to get older!  I'm holding.  That's it.
If you've been joining me on my blog for a while now, you may know that I tend go through a pretty tough patch before each birthday.  It's not too bad this year - although, I'm recognizing that I have one group of friends that are perpetually single, like me... and the other group is getting married and having babies.   I realized that at my age, it's now acceptable for people to assume that perhaps I'm deeply flawed and there's some "good" reason why I'm single.

So I thought about it... how did I get through my 30s without getting married?  Well, I spent the last three years of my 30s with the wrong guy.
But prior to that, I dated.
I have never dated a lot, I think.
In high school I dated one boy.  In college, I dated just a few guys - only one seriously.   Then in my 20s I probably dated about one guy a year... but not for an entire year.  Meaning, I went on dates with a few men each year, but dated maybe one for a handful of months.

Not as much dating as some people... but certainly more than most!

I have not done the math but let's think about this... meeting and dating 3-5 men a year for the past 20 years... it's safe to say that I've dated at least 50 men.  I've probably passionately kissed 20 or more men in my lifetime!   That ought to be enough!   People who marry in their 20s have probably seriously dated 5 men tops.  (Thank God I had the good sense not to sleep with all those men!)

I feel at the same time that I've dated plenty... and that I've not dated enough!
I have also thought that I was fortunate that I've never really dated any jerks.  Which is oddly frustrating. While is lovely that God has spared me from truly awful men...  you'd think that out of a line of really good men that someone would have worked out!

What is a girl to do?

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Katie said...

I needed to read this.

I think we just need to live fabulous, fashionable, and beautiful lives, and forget the marital expectations. Going through good guys, bad guys, losers, jerks, great guys but just not for me, never finding the "one"...IS FRUSTRATING.

So? Fabulosity it is. :).