Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can I Get an App for That?

I was at the phone store today looking into an upgrade that I apparently should have installed in the first month that I owned my Smart Phone.

I figured it was time to bite the bullet, even if I have to lose some apps or reinstall them. The dude made heroic efforts to save my contacts before the upgrade so that I wouldn't lose all 230 people in my phone book - because, believe me, there is no way I would remember ANY of those numbers.

Finally, Dude announced that he had saved my contacts, but I would lose my text message history.

Lose my texts? My gut lurched. "Don't do it!"
Dude looked at me, quizzically. I glanced to the woman standing over my shoulder and said, "I have all these sweet texts from my guy. I'm not ready to part with them!"
She chuckled.
I reconsidered. Is this just another symptom of my pack rat mentality? That I'm not able to let go of things?

The woman and I reached the same conclusion at the same time. "That's all we have," she said, "It's not like we get letters any more."
I agreed. "It's certainly not like Pride & Prejudice, where I might have of stack of sweet nothings tied with pretty ribbon. They're in my phone!"Dude said I'll have to wait until I print out my text thread. Can you do that? I demanded. No.
So now we wait until technology allows us to print out our text history. (are we sure we can't? - is it only on fictional Law & Order that text histories are admissible in court?)

So whoever has the tech ability to do so... please develop an app for modern day women to preserve their love letters! You can call the it the Pride & Prejudice App.


Judith said...

I would love that app. I mostly just forward the text to my email, but if it's a long text, then it cuts it off. So I end up just typing the text, with date, and maybe time up in a email and saving it. That way I can remember the sweet texts. :)

Katie said...

also, does your phone have a way to connect to your computer by usb? you could try that too. one more suggestion - you could take a picture of your text messages!

Lindsay said...

I'm painfully behind the times in the world of smart phones and rarely text anyone, but I literally can't BELIEVE there's not a good app to do that. Like an auto forward everything to an email address type thing?

In your situation I would have done the same thing though. I have an email folder with some of the first (super sweet) emails my now husband sent me 11 years ago to a work email address of a company I no longer work for. Before I left that job the FIRST thing I made sure I did was forward them all to myself. heh.

Good luck! I KNOW there's got to be a way to do what you want to do!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey how are you sweet lady?

I have to say, i didn't want to put pressure on you - but I do miss your posts!!!
I enjoy your writing a lot, and have missed hearing about your adventures and events, just life in general.

I really hope all is well for you.

Have yourself a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

I'm chiming in with Roze...
I keep checking back, and I miss your blog, and wonder how things are going. I hope it means you're busy with great things! Bless you!

Megz said...


Just wanted to comment and say that I miss your posts and hope that you are doing ok.

Are you planning to come back to blogging?

Anonymous said...


Lindsay said...

Hey, are you OK in there?

...(hoping your life is just so crazy-awesome right now that you couldn't possibly take time to post)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this ain't funny any more.
Please come back??! Update us? Hope you're ok.

VAsquared said...

So sad every time I log in and there's no new posts under Single Solitary Things. Even if you have to change your title to reflect a new stage in life, I hope you'll start blogging again!

Anonymous said...


Still missing you. Is everything ok? Is there any way to personally mail you?
Hoping all is good with you. I guess we are beginning to worry as you don't usually leave it this long.