Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Time

My friends are looking at me differently these days. They haven't seen me this happy in a while!

The other night at a little cocktail party - someone asked me about this guy she'd heard about. I filled her in on McTwitchy, all the while feeling that now familiar gigantic smile spread across my face! She couldn't help but notice... and asked, "Have you ever felt this way before?" I thought hard about my answer. I've felt giddy before. I've felt the twitterpaiting feelings of love before. Finally, my reply, "Not like this."

There's a new song playing these days:

and it makes me feel like a giddy, silly teenager thinking every word is about me... but I can honestly envision McTwitchy saying each word of each lyric to me. Even if he didn't - he still makes me feel that way. He makes me feel that beautiful.

He has already said most of it. That there is nothing about my looks that he would change. That he thinks I'm amazing. He appreciates my honesty, my support, who I am. And I him.

I'm just so happy with him in my life!

Prayers please, as he is headed to The Very Big City this week. It's time for The Big Decision. I pray that he makes a choice that is right for him, a decision that gives him peace as he's been living under a lot of stress lately.


Heidi said...

Prayers going your way. Both of you. :)

Rachel said...

We'll be praying!

Steamed Dumpling said...

That's so great TRS! So happy for you! Will pray for both you and him.

Genevra said...

Good luck to him and good luck to you. I'll be hoping for the best!