Monday, November 02, 2009

Small Accomplishment

I ran out of drawer space ages ago.
If I could keep a job and make some money, I would buy a new dresser set but that for now, is not an option.

So last winter I cleared my tights selection out of a drawer and stored them in a canvas bin in one of my closets. The only problem being, the bin liner is affixed with Velcro - which is a certain blight to tights and hosiery!

For nearly a year, I put off the task of stuffing each pair of collants into sandwich baggies. I'm pleased to announce that I tackled that job this morning! Yay. Small accomplishment.

I did realize that inside each bag, it's hard to tell the style of the tights so I wrote and stuffed brief descriptions inside.
Black fishnet, reinforced toe. Gray opaque stripe. Brown herringbone.

Quite satisfied as I stuffed them all back into the canvas bin. Then I realized it would still be a chore to know exactly what I was dealing with without digging.

Wouldn't it be even more useful to have an inventory - so that when I think I need a certain style of tights to complete an outfit... I could check against the inventory and make sure not to purchase a repeat?

Brilliant! Thought I.

Oh - and I also made notes about damage, like "snags above the knees" so I would know not to bother pulling them on for a shorter skirt.

If I wanted to be really organized, I could add corresponding numbers to the inventory and to the slips of paper inside - so if I'm looking for a pair - I can just refer to the number.

I also considered taking pictures of each tight on my leg so that I could see the texture and style immediately.
Will think about that.

Obviously, this was done in avoidance of scrubbing my kitchen floor.
I don't even wear tights very often!!


Rachel said...

Procrastination is always good. And way to stay organized in the tights dept. I discovered yesterday as I was getting ready for church that I didn't have any gray tights. So we swung by wal mart on the way to church. It was pouring and I'm in the passenger seat of the van pulling on tights as my husband drives down the interstate. I'm sure somewhere on the internet someone is posting about some crazy lady they saw yesterday putting on tights on the interstate. :) Have a good day.

Jinxie said...

I love it! What a great idea!

Pass It On, Baby! said...

Bahahaha!! I also come up with unique, and dare I say, brilliant ideas while procrastinating and hiding from my "real" chores. For example, instead of reading your blog and commenting, I should be folding, switching and putting away laundry. Oh - but this is so much more fun! =)

~ Elizabeth

Shan said...

Elizabeth sucked my comment right out of my mouth. Well, all I had was the Bahahahaha part, but the rest was on its way. ;)