Friday, August 21, 2009

Careful What You Ask For

I'm not liking most of the stuff that age is doing to my body. Primarily, the poochy tummy that is distorting my other-wise slender figure. Sometimes I think I must look like a snake that swallowed a badger!

Now, if I could just commit to doing abdominal exercises and laying off the carbs - I could probably whittle it away in no time. But I know that I lack the discipline to do so.

A few weeks ago, I began praying that God would give me the discipline I need. That I could dedicate myself to some crunches... and that I could resist the bread and sugary snacks that I love.

I told Mr. Burns that I asked God to help me resist carbs and Mr. Burns said, "Careful what you pray for!"

As for bread - I just don't buy any. If it doesn't come in my house I won't eat it. Instead I buy English Muffins to use as buns for my soy burgers, portabello burgers and even my breakfast sausage. For some reason, I won't scarf down English Muffins plain like I do those slices of wheat bread!

But sugar! Oh mercy do I love me some candy!

On Monday nights I cover City Council meetings which can last anywhere from 2 hours to 12! The longest I've covered was just over 4 hours.
I am a nibbler, so before the meeting starts I scout out the candy machines in the hallway and drop a few quarters for a handful or two of Hot Tamales and some Pistachios. I figure the Pistachios are healthy.

The candy machines only take quarters. On days that I only had nickels and dimes in my wallet I figured out that if I drop them in the soda machine - and hit the change return - the machine would exchange them for quarters. Success! And a Hot Tamales fix.

So this week, I had just emptied my coin purse without thinking before I went to work. Drat! No change at all.

I smugly pulled a dollar bill from my wallet, fed it to the soda machine and then heard the plink plunk in the change return. 20 nickels!!

I raised my face heavenward and said, "Very funny Lord. Way to keep me from the candy!"


Anonymous said...

I used to have to work city council meetings too. The worst was when the mayor retired and he gave some long speech and they all thought it was their duty to remove all the barriers. Started at 6:00 PM and ended at 2:00 AM.

Shan said...

Oh my. :D I would need a lot more than a handful of Hot tamales to get me through one of those meetings. My candy of choice right now are the little boxes of sour apple candy (like lemon drops). They are 25 cents each at the drugstore so occasionally I grab a few. :) Oh carbs!