Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bloggy Friends!

I'm so honored that the funny, talented and creative Katie asked me to be a part of Blogger to Blogger this week. It's Katie's feature in which we interview each other.
Don't you love the outfit see made for me?
Go here to see our 'interview'.


Alexis said...

Very fun! Thanks for posting the link!!!

Shan said...

Such a cute picture and a fun read as well! I think you have linked to her at some point because I had been to Katie's site before and liked her. :)

It was like reading my own answer when I saw your response to different careers. I was a Broadcasting major in college but change my forth year to Nursing(to do something more people serving). Then I went on and off and fizzled out on school entirely because I DON'T LIKE IT!! ;)

I still want to finish my degree but it's easy to put off things you don't enjoy.

My dream job thoughts are exactly like yours!! I would love to be an actress but don't like my pretty but not drop dead pretty(Hollywood style) status either. (Not that I'm saying I agree on your own looks.) Bahaha

I love comedic roles but don't have the whole talent package to make up for the rest. I was always more family oriented than that allowed anyway. I love my mom role but will need more cash at some point so will be working outside the home again in the near future.

I've been too busy to comment much but I also feel the same way about your fb post. Except I like the keeping in touch at a distance thing. It makes me go into a weird reclusive shell that is not healthy in the short or long run though so I battle that all along the way.

I'll stay tuned to see what happens with your job situation. Sorry about that!!!