Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Personal Preference - or Prejudicial?

Am I a bad person if I don't chat with the woman who is giving me a pedicure?

I broke down and got a mani-pedi the other day because - let me tell you - all 20 nails were looking nasty! Every attempt I made to remedy the nasty has just made it that much worse! For me, nail care is outsourced. I just can't do it alone.

As I sat in the huge massage chair beating away at my shoulder blades, two older women came in and I noticed they were pretty chatty with their nail techs.

It made me think... am I rude for not making conversation?
I'll admit, honestly, that half the reason I don't chat with them is because I can't understand them. I get the impression that they don't understand me either. The Korean to English translation being what it is.

But more to the point... when I'm paying for a pampering service I don't want to make chit-chat. I want to be pampered and relax.

When I get a massage, I don't chit-chat with the massage therapist - and we both speak English. In fact, when I started going to the spa (courtesy of gift cards from Mr. Burns) they had me fill out a form stating my conversation preference (and fragrance preferences which I REALLY appreciate). They understand that you're there to relax - and that they are there to facilitate the relaxation.

But now I wonder, when I stick my nose in all those glossy magazines that I don't get at home - and enjoy the pampering - maybe from her end of the big massage chair - it looks like I'm just stuck up and think I don't have to talk to the sweet lady rubbing and buffing my feet.

Yikes! I'm nicer than that.
But I'm there to relax. Is my introverted time offending someone else? Should I chit-chat anyway?

What do you do?


Yvonne said...

I bet your nail tech is just as happy NOT to have to make conversation - after all,they see many clients a day, and to have to make conversation along with doing their job - can't always be easy. I know there are plenty of times I just-want-to-work-don't-talk-to-me-please. So I think it's ok not to talk, if you don't want to! Consider it you giving the tech some relaxation on her ears!! (oh, and your nails look mighty pretty!)

Rachel said...

My nail tech is a personal friend so we chat it up and it's relaxing to have girl time. However, on the rare occasion that someone else does my pedi I really don't talk much either.

Jinxie said...

I chat with my hairstylist, but that's because I sort of know her now, after visiting her 3 times a year for the past 2 years. Massage therapists and nail techs that I'll only know for the next hour or less? Not so much. I'll smile and answer any questions they ask, but I won't really try to engage them in conversation. Plus, I think it's strange when I'm trying to relax, sans clothes, with my face squished into a little hole, to try and carry on a conversation.

So, I'm with you on this one.

J said...

I'm with you - I don't really want to talk. I try to space the pedis out so much and sometimes I go to different places, so there isn't much consistency. I also did get the impression that they might not fully understand the language I speak any more than I can fully understand theirs. DEFINITELY do not want to talk during a massage!!

Bobbi said...

I don't chat with the nail techs for 2 reason. One being I really don't want to, it's ME time and secondly because I have a hard time understanding them.

Don't worry, you're not being rude.

Steamed Dumpling said...

I don't talk to my nail tech either and we both speak the same language - Vietnamese. I don't think you are rude. It's your time and you should feel comfortable.

Katie said...

I don't talk.

I feel like I'm forced to make chit chat all day long and I LOVE taking a break!