Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fast Friends

I have a new friend.

We met a bit over a year ago, but didn't start spending time together until this spring. In the past few months we became fast friends. The type of friend you connect with right away - feel an immediate, improbable bond - you finish one another's sentences within days of knowing one another.

The sort of friend who is easy to spend time with, because you somehow agree on everything, from sharing a soda (real Coke please, no diet) to where to sit in a movie theatre. Or you agree to meet up a street festival - and find that you're wearing the same style sundress! (different prints of course - but exact same style! Because what else would you wear to a street festival on a hot summer day?)

Beyond that, we respect one another's differences.
Going into them here might get too personal - but I had to laugh when I told her about a sewing project I'm working on. She rolled her eyes and declared me "one of THOSE people!" expressing her envy of my creative side.

By way of explanation I told her it's because in high school, when my classmates were taking pre-calculus - I was taking second year sewing.

As I revealed this, there was a small spot inside of me that was prepared for ridicule. Instead, I felt relief when she said, "I can guarantee that over time, you got more use of your sewing class than I did from pre-calc!"


and we're right back to understanding one another!


milissa said...

I love it when this happens! It's pretty hard to make friends as an adult...just b/c in general we are too busy and preoccupied with our own stuff...not that I think adults are unfriendly or unsociable. So this post makes me happy! :)

Keli said...

So fun to find a friend that you just click with! When I moved back home, I was worried it would be hard to make friends. But like you, I met a great friend and we are so alike! We found our kids have the exact same toys, we have the same high chair, baby rocker, and we have very similar taste in clothes. It's so fun to find someone who "gets" you. Yay for your new friend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she knows how to use words kindly ;)

auntie said...

it's so beautiful to find friends like that, and to know that there's one more person in this world that really "gets" you!