Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

I don't spend much time mooning over celebrities.

When forced to name a male celebrity that might be capable of making me swoon, I can't come up with the typical Brad Pitt or other standbys.

I pick John Cusack. Kyle Chandler. And Sting.

This drives Mr. Burns batty.

The other night Sting came up in conversation and Mr. Burns... fully bewildered asked, "What is it with women and Sting?"

I don't know. He's just hot.


He just oozes sex appeal. It can't be explained.

"I don't get it." says Mr. Burns.

Well then, I say... What is it with men and Shania Twain?

He looks at me.

"I know. " I say. "Shania Twain is smoking hot."
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Anonymous said...

Shania Twain is smokin hot. Her big ol boobs and her baby face and big eyes. Shutter!!!

I know what you mean though. Most women oogle over Sean Connery and I just don't get it. I guess sex appeal is a misnomer. Men look at the physical and women look at the emotional/attitude of the person.

Men and women are fascinating cretures.


TRS said...

You're right.
I like John Cusack and Kyle Chandler for the attitude and all around nice guy vibes they put out.

I pick Sting for the sex appeal - and I can't explain why. But it's real.