Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Gotta be Smarter Than the Box

I'm not a huge fan of most chain restaurants - I'm rarely impressed. I tend to seek out locally owned, original bistros if I have a choice.

But tonight, Mr. Burns was actually in town (He's been working on the road a lot lately) and he picked Austin's and I figured, "Meat" which was all I wanted so off we went to Austin's.

One of today's specials was a pork tenderloin with an apricot sauce or glaze. It's pretty hard to screw up pork and I love me some pig so picture a happy me.

It was all SOOOO good I couldn't believe it.

There were also plenty for leftovers which made me crazy happy. Once the waiter brought me a take-home box I told Mr. Burns, "I'm debating between finishing my mashed potatoes or saving them to take home." Ever the gentleman, Mr. Burns pointed out that he wasn't going to finish his potatoes so I had the best of both worlds! Eat his potatoes and save mine for later!

I quickly scooped my food remains in the take out box, eyeing Mr. Burns plate as if I were still starving.

The takeout box wasn't cooperating. The lid had a goofy little hinge that wouldn't line up properly - so I fumbled trying to close it. Still eyeing Mr. Burns' potatoes - I gave up and handed him the box to close so I could wolf down the last yummy morsel.

As he swiftly managed the closure, I looked at him and said, "I was bested by the box, baby."

He cracked up and said, "Some guys complain about girls who are dumber than a box of rocks. My girlfriend is dumber than the box!"

Um. Let's clarify. It's not a matter of stupidity! It's a matter of patience!


Anonymous said...

I do not think him is what you think him is!


TRS said...

Er. what are you saying edge?

That he's not a gentleman and that those were unkind words?
I know we were both kidding around - it maybe doesn't sound that way in print.

Or... being a guy... you have some insight here?