Monday, June 09, 2008

Letting Strangers Run Your House?

We had a lovely brunch at my church this Sunday and I got to see many lovely friends that I rarely see these days.

During our visit, conversation turned to the prospect of renting out their homes to out-of-towners for the Democratic National Convention here in August. One couple said they had considered it and landed on: No!

Mr. Burns turned to me and said, "Baby, I could put you up for a month if you wanted to rent your place for the DNC. You should think about it."

If it hasn't been made clear on this blog - I am - for the first time since college - hard up for money. I haven't had a full-time job for 9 months and my job search is simply depressing. I've been thinking of going back to school. I always hated school.

So the idea of making ... what $3000 or so? - above a monthly mortgage payment for one month doesn't sound so bad. I checked out the DNC Lodging website today :

Do you think I:

(minus the snow of course) 700 sq ft, one bedroom, 3rd floor walk up. Only amenities a coin-op laundry room and use of the courtyard with BBQ Grill.

can compete with this?

Full amenities, swimming pools, fitness centers, yadda yadda yadda...

Even if I could - it would mean moving out some valuables (not many) clearing out a closet, and praying that these temporary renters don't ding my beautiful credenza or soil my beloved white carpet.

Would you do it?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely do it. I'm thinking of doing it when the Superbowl hits town in 2011 or something like that. My sister said the Olympics in Atlanta was totally like that. Everything books and EVERYONE is looking for a place. You take a HUGE chunk in cash or money order up front and rent for what ever the going price is. Remove all valuables and leave only necessities. You would be amazed.