Friday, April 04, 2008

Matched Souls

Oh. my. word! I can't believe it!

I just met my new neighbor. She's outside with the movers right now.
As she walked over to greet me I thought, "She looks a little like my friend Kimberly."

Well, she doesn't look entirely like Kimberly, just enough to put her in my head. But then she started talking! And I almost started to cry.

She says things like, "The building? I love, love, love it! So so cute!"

When she opened her mouth I couldn't stop myself from hugging her because she made me miss Kimberly (who is far away from me in San Francisco) so much!!
Here I am. A perfect stranger, suddenly attached to her neck!
She must think I'm crazy!!
Funny thing is... she totally accepted the hug and hugged back!

I'm a FREAK!!

Funnier still. Guess how I met Kimberly? When she was moving in across the hall from me.
We were neighbors for 2-3 months before I moved about a mile away. We rarely saw each other until she decided to up and move to Seattle a few months (like 6-9 months) later.
So we are long distance friends - soul mates - sisters all because we shared a hallway for 3 months!

UPDATE: This is great... Kimberly's response to the incident:
Now I need my own personal TRS-clone HERE. Fair is fair!


Anonymous said...

Wow ... that's kind of creepy. But nice that you met a new friend.


TRS said...

Yeah, it does paint me as creepy doesn't it?

Oh well. She seems cool with it so the only person I risked offending didn't mind.

I guess we'll see what happens in the halls after this. Perhaps she'll avoid me.