Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Learn to Ski

Okay. I've been telling some of my friends about my experience skiing with Mr. Burns and teaching my niece to advance past her ski lesson.

The reaction I got from at least two friends was that their ski adventures didn't go as well. They learned to ski with their boyfriends at the time and as a result they find it terrifying and absolutely no fun.

This is very sad to me.

My advice to everyone who wants to try skiing for the first time. GET A LESSON!
Do not count on your friends to teach you. Not only is it very likely that they will fail - if they even attempt more than just getting you on a lift - no one will enjoy the experience.

Below is my table listing reasons why to spring for a lesson.

The fact is, paying for a lesson will add between $20 and $40 to your ski day. It is well worth it.

My friends (and my brother) who decided to forego lessons in favor of skiing with their friends... had terrible experiences.

Skiing is supposed to be fun.
My brother was forced to keep up with his advanced friends. He couldn't possibly. Turned out, they went down the same run 3 or 4 times passing him each time as he struggled his way down the slope. Not cool.

My girlfriends never got past learning to snow plow. That is not fun.
I'll bet you wads of cash that those boyfriends grew tired real quick of spending time on remedial skills. After an hour of that - they went off to have fun.
The girls in turn, didn't want to be left out - so they busted their buns to keep up on advanced slopes that were way beyond their skill level. They had to be freakin' sore, exhausted and most likely, less enamored with their boyfriend (and the sport) at the end of the day.
My boyfriend and I took my niece under our wings the day after her first lesson. She was showing great instincts and skills so we just skied slowly and gave her pointers.
It helped that I love my niece tremendously and would never abandon her.
And that Mr. Burns had already had his fill of skiing for the season and didn't mind puttering down a hill with a teenager, teaching her how to get back up after falls - and encouraging her to turn and take on inclines that he was confident she could handle... even if she doubted her skill.
Bottom line: If you're planning a trip with folks who don't live in mountains... and this is their one chance to ski each year... trust me, they don't want to waste their trip teaching someone how to ski.
Don't take it personally. In fact, if your friend recommends your taking a lesson rather than them teaching you... it means they love you and want you to stick around.
You'll be happier if you take a group lesson.
My tip for the day!

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