Friday, February 15, 2008

It is a truly fine and elegant drink

Can't stop laughing.

For Valentine's day, Mr. Burns decided to take me to the little mom 'n pop indian restaurant by my house that I enjoy so very much. Really, it is unbelieveable how good the Saag is there!!

The problem with dining with me... never mind all my food allergies... is that I really prefer sparkling water with my meal. I love San Pellegrino.

But I know from experience that this little restaurant only has Perrier, and that will do just fine. I also remember from another time at this restaurant, that the same waiter was more than unfamiliar with just exactly what Perrier is. During last night's visit, we learned that he didn't remember anything from last time.

So anyway. Mr. Burns orders a beer and I ask for a Perrier. And to be clear, I described what I wanted... a bottle of sparkling water.

In short order Mr. Burns gets his beer and the waiter asks me to repeat what kind of wine I want. Not wine, sparkling water. Okay. He goes off.

He brings us our flatbread and tammerin sauce... yummmmmm. It's kind of spicy so by now I'm really wishing for my water.
Another 5 minutes go by and the waiter tells me he'll have my bottle out in a few more minutes. Meanwhile I'm staring at bottles of Perrier behind the counter staring back at me. Taunting me.

Before long, I see our waiter with the manager, pulling bottles of imported beer out of a bar fridge looking for whatever it is he's dying to bring me. I wonder what they're looking for.

Next, our waiter arrives with an ice bucket on a stand and sets it next to our table. (I'm crying right now trying to find words to relay the story!!!) Mr. Burns and I exchange glances. He's pretty concerned. We are quite positive that Perrier rarely comes with bottle service!!

Mr. Burns shoots up from his seat - over to the counter and explains that I just want bottled water. (can't breathe!) He comes back and says he was worried they were going to open a bottle of Dom Perigone or something!! And he didn't want to pay for that.

The waiter apologizes profusely - takes away the ice bucket and brings me a plastic bottle of Perrier. He thought I asked for sparkling wine - thus the big production to locate it!

Oh my word.

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