Monday, August 21, 2006

Ain't No Prince Charming

My niece told me that I really need to get married.

Oh my.

I asked her why she thought so, worrying that she had some outdated, childish fairytale notion.

Imagine my surprise when she replied, "Because I want another uncle."
I laughed and said, "Well that's the best reason I've heard yet. You're going to have to be patient though, because I want to be sure you get the coolest, most fun uncle. After all, this is the only one we get to pick out."

She agreed, pointing out that her existing uncles are sub-par. One of them is very close to her own age, and the other, on her mother's side is a pretty lame fellow who doesn't really spend any time with her and her brother and sister.

"Well then, you must agree that I need to be careful about who I choose. He needs to be fun, and nice and interesting to make up for your other uncles."

Oh. She agrees wholeheartedly. So there you go guys. You're not just wooing me, you have to be good enough for my niece.

No pressure.


Maggie said...

Although I try very hard not to pry into this part of my sister's life, I think she needs to get married so that my kids will have cousins that are their same age. That way they'll want to be with my side of the family more. TOTALLY selfish and thus unspoken to her.

TRS said...

Oh, I agree with that! I wish my fate would have turned out that way.

I thought I could use the excuse that I was waiting for my nieces to be off age to babysit my kids. But even that won't work because we live in different states.

Apparently, God is still working on my man. After all these years, he's going to be something awesome!!!

Maggie, thanks for commenting. I've been enjoying yours and Katie's blogs for a while now. Glad to share perspectives!