Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Heard It Here First - Book Giveaway

Exciting news!! 
Your bloggy friend and mine, Erin Annie, has poured her heart out on paper (a keyboard really, but you get the idea) and has self-published A BOOK.

Here's the official synopsis from You Heard It Here First: 
One day a financial blogger, the next, a TV expert on a political scandal. Haley McAdams' on-air epiphanies and liberated writing style, have landed some powerful men in hot water and there are consequences to pay.
That's an exciting start - but there's even more to it than that. It's part romance, part political thriller and 100% engaging. 

What I love about this story is the heroine, Haley McAdams, because I can relate to her. She's a hard worker, she's taken her hits - plenty of them - dusted herself off and sets her mind on doing what it takes to do more than just get by. Like me, she knows there's no point in dreaming of prince charming to sweep in and take care of a lady. But that doesn't mean it can't happen. ;-)

This book is the sort of story you'll be happy to share with your niece, your mom, your aunt - you won't be bashful about passing it on because Erin Annie didn't cave into the pressure of the standard secular storyline that demands a sex-filled climax and conclusion (pun intended!) 

Instead, she developed her characters, allowed them to have conversations that address the things that most authors skip over - the sorts of things real people MUST discuss. In particular, how does an adult couple negotiate a chaste relationship?  It happens. In my life, it tries to happen and fails. Can it work if Haley finds the perfect man? 

You know what else stands out in this story? Haley has parents. And relatives. And dear friends who weigh in on her life, influence her decisions - just like real people with real relationships. Haley lives by her principals and has people who hold her accountable.
There's more to the story than getting the guy. 
There is drama and intrigue in a well-told story that caused me to while away more than one beautiful, sunny day because I couldn't tear myself away. 

Oh. Maybe I should shut up and let you read it yourself. 

You Heard It Here First, is now available on Kindle and Nook! 
(Paperbacks won't be available for a month!)
For a limited time you can buy it for just 99 cents on either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Once the paperbacks are available, the price will go up to a more realistic retail price. Buy it now for a steal!!
Or better yet, how would you like to win it?
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Oh yes! Comment below, and then say that you did on the Rafflecopter link. Get two more entries by following Erin Annie on Twitter. 
Let's see... why don't we give it a full week... for everyone to enter and I'll announce the winner next Wednesday. 


Corrie Haffly said...

So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading the book... sounds interesting.

A. said...

Cool! I'm curious about the book!

Anonymous said...

I read the teaser and it looks pretty good, can't wait to read it