Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Support of Strong Female Literature Characters

Not since dear Lizzy Bennet and Laura Ingals Wilder have we found the heroine of a book with strong values, who is headstrong, and won't compromise her morals or ideals for a nice tidy story resolution.

Have you ever wished you could watch a movie or read a book and not cringe at the decisions the female lead makes, usually in an effort to get the guy? In the past 10-15 years, much has been written about even our well-known fairy tale princesses, and how it's always the ingenue young girl who has to change to get her prince. Ariel gives up both her family and her fins to charm her prince. Never mind that in the Disney version.. she barely knows the guy.

My friend (and yours!) Erin Annie is writing that book! A trilogy actually.
I've had the honor of reading the story that started it all. There's adventure, political scandal, and a budding romance. All told with a sense of altruism, volunteerism, and get this - parents and family that are present! and normal! along with strong Christian values.
"Why can't we have a strong, smart, conservative woman as a heroine without compromise? Isn't it time our values were represented accurately in entertainment and media?" ~Erin Ann McBride
This book is like nothing else on the market right now - and that's why she needs your help. Traditional publishers wouldn't touch this book without forcing changes in the character's ethics to fit today's mainstream, secular culture. A smaller, niche publisher would limit the book's exposure to certain religious pockets. Erin plans to self-publish so that she maintains control of story and the message.

But self-publishing isn't without it's costs... Erin Annie explains,
"For this type of book to succeed it must be above reproach. It must be accurate, perfectly edited, and above all else, an exciting and engaging read. To ensure the top quality of a self-published book it takes more than just a passionate author. It requires editors, graphic designers, and other professional services, to produce a high quality self-published book."
I'm so proud of her! If you would like to be a part of getting a fine story, with a heroine you can relate to - out into the world... would you consider donating to her Kickstarter campaign? Or forwarding this to someone who would?

You can be a part of putting a genuine story about Christian values, and a strong no-nonsense, capable woman, in the hands of young women who could be influenced by a positive role model. This is the book series you'd be happy to see your niece or daughter reading, rather than wondering what sort of impression a silly vampire romance is going leave!

Really, if you can tally off the names of 'romance' books on one hand in less than a minute - that feature the  woman changing for the man or for society, compromising what she believes in or greatly changing herself to please others - don't you agree that our culture needs a wholesome, yet exciting story like this?

Not sure yet? Here, read the first chapter... about Haley McAdams.

As I said, I've read it. Let me tell you some of my favorite things:
Our heroine, Haley McAdams, is the kind of woman who simply does the right thing without even thinking about it. She's not holier-than-thou about it either, it's just that she doesn't flinch under pressure. She's so solid in her beliefs, she doesn't have to waver. I know women like that - doncha just love them?!
Also, the story isn't packed with improbable romance. There's more to it than getting the guy. There is drama and intrigue all in a well-told story that quite frankly, caused me to burn up some very lovely weekend afternoons because I couldn't tear myself away from the computer for reading it!

Please think about contributing to help get this published... there are plenty of rewards in it for you. (see the kickstarter page sidebar for details)

Hey, for fun... in comments here, name any books with a heroine who holds her own - Like Elizabeth Bennet and Haley McAdams. (it'll be easier to name all the Disney Princesses who change for their prince, won't it?)
Also, let me know if you contribute... or if you'll promote the campaign on YOUR blog!!


Rachel said...

How exciting! And go see Brave! It's excellent. There is no prince at the end and the whole story focuses on the mother daughter relationship. It's really good.

Erin McBride said...

Thank you TRS!!!

I'm home from camp now. It is exciting to see funding coming in!